Well what a whirlwind few weeks its been in the zero waste world! To celebrate Plastic Free July Salvos Stores and I headed up and down the coast with the lovely Anita Van Dyke to host a series of workshops. We showed the sustainable community in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney how to go from excess to eco luxe with ease and it was absolutely wonderful. I of course spoke about zero waste fashion and along the way gave myself some really fun challenges to walk the talk. We dressed ourselves from each…

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To celebrate #PlasticFreeJuly the fabulous Anita Van Dyke and I are hitting the road to share our zero waste wisdom! We will be hosting a series of FREE workshops with Salvos Stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. I’ll fill you in on all the sustainable style vibes, while Anita has you covered when it comes to zero waste home and lifestyle. We’ve got lots of goodies, special guests, endless tips and tricks… PLUS you can grab a copy of Anita’s awesome new book while you are there. Melbourne has completely sold out twice and is…

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June 4th, 2018

SWOP-PING : (adj.) The art of shopping your bestie’s closet to create a cool new look. Also See: A wonderfully eco friendly way to get them new clothing feels without having to spend a cent! During April/May this year, Lee and I went on our 1month honeymoon and I challenged myself to take 1 small carry on suitcase for the entire trip. It was a challenge to say the least – 4 different countries, totally different climates, conditions and pressing engagements with family and friends where fashion had to be a consideration…I mean a girl…

Eco Wardrobe Makeover

May 21st, 2018

  A few months ago the lovely Jess from Wanderess Beauty contacted me and asked if I could help her overhaul her wardrobe into an eco friendly fashion haven. She also wanted to update her look to be more fitting for a strong, sassy business woman. Spreading the good word of sustainable style is something I’m super passionate about so I was super excited at the prospect! Jess was keen to collaborate with my buddies at Salvos Stores and I to donate, DIY and shop from a more sustainable stand point. I spent a day…

Curvy Girl Style

April 11th, 2018

The Fashion Trends can be hard to translate right!? So In my latest Today Show segment I show you how to take it from  the runway to the real way, on some real women with wonderful curves! The best bit, their looks are under $100 and I found them all at my local Salvos Store …Click through to watch!