In the fashion battle of man versus woman I’ve decided many moons ago to give up the fight and marry the two together.  I’m all about style dichotomy…denim with dazzle, a slashed tee under a structured jacket, a lace dress with military khaki. When one piece is delicate and diaphanous it looks so cool with something hardy and rugged. Why is that? I have no idea, I just wear it!  This thrifted lace dress is super pretty but I love how contrasted she looks with this men’s army jacket-both from The Salvation Army Salvos Stores….

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‘One day maybe all these magazines will pay you back kido’…now famous fashion words from my Dad when once remarking on the stack of bibles [aka British Vogue] towering over me in my bedroom! Might I add this addiction was kicked off by said father who always had the good books floating around the house. And he was right…little did I know that all those afternoons and evenings spent lost in the style pages was slowly paving the way for my unconventional eco styling degree. Not only did I digest the editorials and the elequantly…

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Old Hollywood Reworked

April 26th, 2015

 Bjorks swan dress aside, most moments in style that take our breath away [for the right reasons!] have a common thread – Simplicity. Look to any icon and you’ll see classic design, sharp details, streamline tailoring and timeless appeal. Minimal fuss maximum impact. As a modern digi muse I’m a total street style junkie but the other side of my brain has and always will be drawn to bygone eras and sirens – Sophia Lauren and Audrey Hepburn, the sexy 70’s rockstar and don’t get me started on art deco and nouveau…thanks Dad for the…

White On White On White

April 16th, 2015

Clearly you want to make sure you stay away from the red wine, coffee and beetroot situation but white on white on white is so alright am I right!? I’m totally obsessed with this hue, or lack thereof, lately…interiors, exteriors and sartorially its just so fine and fresh. For this look I started with a white tee and built from there. This is a really easy one to replicate and I did this entire ensemble with thrift clothing. As it starts to get cooler here in Sydney, an oversized scarf makes a great cape come…

Never fail fashion

April 6th, 2015

Whether its a libran moment [sadly, these happen often for me] a time issue or the terrible I have nothing to wears these pieces are life savers. Like a trusty sartorial steed a stripe breton top and khaki anything on the bottom half will fast track you through the fashion fog. They are the lazy girls guide to instant chic and comfy to boot. Whenever I am sourcing, thrifting or just generally being obsessed with hunting for second hand style I always look out for good quality versions of these pieces and I keep them on…