While one must never discount the importance and dynamic appeal of a fireman [see also: totally hot], we forget the other unsung hero in this scenario…the hose! These guys serve a serious purpose, deployed in active duty for over 25 years…saving lives along with their human counterparts. They do so much but after they run out of steam, what happens? Sad to say they are discarded and sent to landfill…not much of a thank you really…that was until sustainable British accessory designers Elvis and Kresse came along. After a chance meeting, they fell in love…

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I have such a passion for finding beauty in the pre loved and it’s so wonderful to see people’s reaction to it! ‘What, thats from a thrift store’…’Wow that outfit looks so expensive’ Check out the video of my latest segment on Ch9 Mornings – Luxe Trends for Less. I sourced everything from the Salvation Army and each look is under $70 #FashionHound #GreenIsTheNewBlack

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Disheveled chic

February 17th, 2015

Can someone out there explain why I am so in love with the overloved!? The more ripped my denim the better and tees just aren’t true tees to me unless they are butter soft, lose fitting and from the vintage side of town. I love mens clothes for women, the baggy and beat up…they’re the perfect backdrop for playtime with  pretty – see a heel and a hint of sparkle. I found these jeans in an upstate NYC Salvation Army thrift store for $5 and I honestly couldn’t love them anymore…I just won’t entertain the…

Kim K Kool

February 4th, 2015

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that since the inception of Kanye, Kim K’s style is K-razy good. Super slick, super classic, super chic. I’m normally such a distressed denim and rock tee kind of kid, but seeing her rock her curves in a skinny obsessed world so well has inspired me to think …why not me and why not now! So for that I really thank her. I got booty like her but not a Balmain budget just yet so I continuosly hound around for preloved pieces that fit the high end…

Rags and Riches

January 28th, 2015

No matter your shape or size, one of the best soirees you can attend is your very own neck party. Be you into pearls, diamantees or decadent tribal embellishment, stock up and pile it on thick. This is one of the easiest tricks in the book to look a million bucks in a New York minute. I source the majority of my jewels from thrift stores and vintage vendors. Starting with a choker piece, I then look for friends in longer lengths to work into a waterfall effect all the way to my navel sometimes…