Happy Valentines Day Hotties! While it’s a divine occasion to celebrate the ones we love, we shouldn’t forget about loving the one who brings us incredible amounts of pure joy – our lovely lady Mother Earth. Big days like this can mean big spend and big footprint. Lot’s of packaging, roses covered in chemicals plus the pressure of buying expensive gifts and grand gestures..that’s not what true unconditional love is about. For Lee and I it’s about the luxury of time, time to be together, talk and enjoy each others company. Simple pleasures well spent…

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No doubt about it fashion can be a fast and furious beast. You snap up one piece then the next minute the trends reveal a new style star. They want it that way so you buy, buy and buy…but about 5 years ago my brain and budget became absolutely exhausted with all that – I decided to board the slow train and have never looked back. Don’t get me wrong I adore watching the collections, checking out celebrity looks and street style is for sure my drug of choice, I just gather all that information…

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Happy Little Vegemite

January 26th, 2018

  You are the Gold to my Coast. The Vegemite to my Toast. The Kanga to my Roo. The BB to my Q. The Wi to my Fi, The Sauce to my Pie. The Harbour to my Bridge. The Lamington in my Fridge. The Holden to my Ute. Australia you’re Beaut. Today we celebrate our great nation and my wish is that we reflect on how we can be better to her. Put your rubbish in the bin, say no to plastic, sit amongst nature, breathe and be grateful for all she bestows upon us….

The Cutest Spot

January 19th, 2018

SPOTTED: One of the biggest trends for 2018 is polka dots and guess what your local thrift store is dripping with them. On a single search I found this divine Sass&Bide ruffle trim offering for $10 as well as two navy dresses and a caramel skirt all in the print du jour. Just goes to show you that second hand never has to mean sacrificing style. So many of the trends we see in magazines can be found in preloved havens, it really pays to have a hunt around. The lovely lace top I teamed…

Let it SLOW…Let it SLOW…Let it SLOW

December 17th, 2017

Yasssssss (Mc) Queen it’s Christmas time and t’is also the time where the fashion pressure is on, but you know what I say Hit the breaks and slow down this festive season. My festive season began late November by way of my Hen’s night – I’m getting married next week!!! With all my special girls (and by girls I mean mostly my gay husbands!) gathering together to shower me with love and champagne I definitely wanted to look and feel cute. Ten years ago I would have just headed to the High Street and bought…