A few months ago the lovely Jess from Wanderess Beauty contacted me and asked if I could help her overhaul her wardrobe into an eco friendly fashion haven. She also wanted to update her look to be more fitting for a strong, sassy business woman. Spreading the good word of sustainable style is something I’m super passionate about so I was super excited at the prospect! Jess was keen to collaborate with my buddies at Salvos Stores and I to donate, DIY and shop from a more sustainable stand point. I spent a day…

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The Fashion Trends can be hard to translate right!? So In my latest Today Show segment I show you how to take it from  the runway to the real way, on some real women with wonderful curves! The best bit, their looks are under $100 and I found them all at my local Salvos Store …Click through to watch!

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Big Bling Little Ching

March 30th, 2018

You don’t have to be a trust fund baby to be super chic! Check out my latest Today Show segment to see how you can get a high end designer vibe for very little spend and I found it all at second hand at the Salvos.  

The 90’s Called….

March 16th, 2018

The 90’s called…and they want their accessory back…but you know what I’m hands free and really feeling it! I’m the first to admit the resurgence of the fanny pack definitely freaked me out, I mean I think my eyes are still burning from some of the bad looks from back then, now though it has a chic new edge. Thanks to designer offerings from Gucci, Dolce, Chanel and co the humble bum bag has been blinged up and bought into a bold new fashion world. Far from affordable however, I’ve dreamt up some eco and…

Chicks For Change

March 12th, 2018

Fashion that not only feels good, it does good…totally what the world needs now more than ever no!? I feel so blessed to work in a space where it’s all about style being a force for change and in this instance CHICKS FOR CHANGE to be exact. May I introduce you to a wonderful campaign focused on empowering women in developing countries thanks to the Australian Salvation Army. Easter is upon us, so for the month of March you can buy a $5 box of little yellow chicks for all your festive decorating needs. Crafter-noons…