Bless instagram and its social media cotton socks! I mean seriously if it wasn’t for this digital platform I may not have been able to stumble my paws upon such purposeful people. Enter Amanda Rootsey, a girl just as beautiful on the inside as the insanely hot exterior she sports. Amanda is an eco model, a muse for young girls and a pretty mumma so powerful she even kicked cancers proverbial. Turns out we are eco style sisters both seriously into fashion for a good cause. Finally in the same city for a day, Amanda…

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Despondent and down and out on his luck, this dapper young lad thought he was destined for the designer heap but little did he know the new day he would meet. You see Calvin [Calvin Klein being his original moniker] was a discarded dinner jacket, kicking his feet [should he have had them] on the racks at a Salvos Store…but now that fashion frown has turned upside down! This is what became of Calvin… A fighter this boy, he made it into the selection at the recent Fashion Hound pop up shop and then as luck…

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National Op Shop Week

July 30th, 2014

National Op Shop Week is upon us – so join in on the fun and look at ways that you can #DoSomething to save our planet. Be a #FashionHound …#Reuse #Reinvent and #Reduce your #FashionFootprint  I am thrilled to be an ambassador for the Salvos and National Op Shop Week and have put together an eco fashion parade that will take place in Martin Place August 25th in Sydney. If you are local come on down and see how second hand can be very very chic #JustSaying

Welcome to the jungle

July 27th, 2014

Green is so my thing…in mindset, mega graffiti walls and military inspired fashion. Only in my perfect fashion jungle there is faux fur and thrift shop bling to boot. Let’s talk about how wonderful white looks against this hue, because well in my humble opinion it really does and I love the idea of making a masculine piece pretty with heels and high shine accessories. Just like the timeless trench, an army or cargo jacket is a great go to. There are an abundance of these in thrift stores and I loved that this one…

In Flight

July 24th, 2014

 Peter Pan penned it beautifully… for to have faith is to have wings…so while we are carving out our pathway, why not work them into your outfit as well.  While I would gladly rock wings errrrday should life be a never never land, one must find a way to make things a little more fashion forward….so here’s my style shout out to the angelic community at large. Enter thrift shop feathered finery, flying around with worn in vintage denim…the perfect dichotomy I do believe. She be givin it street. This is such a go to style…