In all seriousness I never really met a sequin I didn’t like. Call it my self confessed ‘ Shiny Disease’ or standard sartorial seduction but they are just so damn slinky don’t ya think? My heart skipped a beat when I found this vintage skirt suit at the Salvation Army for $20 but all as one…a little 80’s show girl overkill right? Maybe that’s why someone donated it, they weren’t sure how they could bring it into the now. Well in amongst the epic power shoulder and excess shimmer I could totally see her potential,…

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Excited to show you this series of videos I created for my friends at the Australian Salvation Army. They are all about showing you how to get designer looks for less, saving money and the planet the Fashion Hound way. First up…Balmain Paris on a budget. Click through to watch. You’re welcome

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Chelsea Girl

September 25th, 2014

As the last few days of warm sun kiss us here in NYC I’m relishing in pretty skirts and simple paired back chic. I was always just a jeans girl but this place seems to bring out the lady in me. Everyone here is digging skirts especially ones with pleats and of the A-line cinched in waist persuasion so I thought I’d give it spin. This is a classic piece that I know will still be hanging out with me as the weather turns cold – que tights, thigh high boots and beanie I found…

Thrift in the city

September 19th, 2014

I love a challenge, especially when it’s with clothes. ‘That’s a daggy old jumper, time to throw it out’ ‘I can’t do anything with this beat up belt’ Oh really!!? What if the men’s jumper is a stunning shade of olive green, 100% cashmere and feels like you are wearing a cloud. What if the belt is butter soft with a wonderful story woven in. It’s fall in NYC, the air is a little crisper and you can start to layer like a boss. Let the true fashion olympics begin. I’m normally such a jeans…

Coat Tales

September 15th, 2014

A coat, blazer, tux or jacket.. regardless of the moniker your choose to define them with, they definitely make me happy. Stay with me, I’ll explain…better yet I’ll hit you with a list in support of my sartorial theory. 1. They are a super easy way to look expensive, dressed up and effortlessly chic 2. If you thrift them you can find incredible one of kind pieces at crazy good prices [This amazing vintage green machine was $5 from the Salvation Army in upstate NYC] 3. A touch of masculine style looks sexy on a…