Shop the Sales, Sustainably

We all love a bargain, i do too, especially in this current economic climate. Sale season is upon us and it can be a great time to grab a bargain, yes, but i say do it mindfully. So here are 5 tips to shop the sales sustainably

1. Shop your closet 
Before you set foot in any store or click add to cart, check what you have in your wardrobe first.
Could you restyle it, crop it, customise or embellish it…because the most sustainable outfit is the one you already have right there in your wardrobe. Seriously you’ll be surprised what’s possible with what you already have. Take a scroll through pinterest and create some moodboards, head to my socials for tips and tricks, read books and magazines. Inspiration is all around us
@fayedelanty How to shoo the sales, sustainbly ♻️???????????? #slowfashionmovement #opshopulence #blackfridayshopping #shopthesales ♬ original sound – Faye De Lanty-Thrift Ninja

2. Write a wish list

After exploring your closet first, take 5 and jot down what you actually need or want to gift someone else. There is no point just buying a bunch of stuff because it’s cheap, be intentional about it, what will truly add value to your life or someone you love. I like to say STOP before you Shop – keeps me accountable plus i don’t waste my hard earned cash.

3. Ask questions of the brands you like to shop 
Do they have a sustainability section on their website? Are they transparent with how their clothes are made? Enquire directly or use the GOOD ON YOU APP to uncover more about the brands you buy from. As consumers we have the power to vote with our fashion dollar so my suggestion is to choose brands doing good for people and the planet.

Second hand style at Salvos Stores

4. Get your OPSHOPULENCE on and go thrifting.
There are so many beautiful things to be found in second hand shops like Salvos Stores, you never have to sacrifice style plus your purchase supports local community members doing it tough.
5. Circularity is the new chic –
Thrifting aside, shop small business, vintage, rent from a store like my friend Emily at Ekoluv, have things made by a local tailor or even set up a swap party with friends.
 How are you are putting more mindfulness around your shopping habits?