Imagine a world where our personal style could be of great service…to support mother nature, empower our fellow humans and save the unloved from going to waste.

This is my reality and one I’d love to invite you to share with me – It’s the resounding reason why I wrote my self published thrift bible OPSHOPULENCE 

They say ’necessity is the mother of all invention’ and this classic cliche couldn’t ring truer for me.

While I grew up with parents who were seriously into antiques, vintage and second hand it wasn’t until an audacious adventure that my upbringing went from past time to practicality.
After a decade of presenting and producing on Network Ten Australia’s environmental children’s show ‘Totally Wild’ I headed overseas to live in London and NYC.
Faye De Lanty
Faye De Lanty
On a tight travel budget thrift shopping was genuinely all I could afford, so I challenged myself to find ways to look super expensive for minimal spend.
I began to create an unintentional eco chic.
The more I would put these designer inspired looks together the more people would ask me things like, ‘where is that from’ ….’Is that Gucci’…(yep seriously had that one a few times!) it became clear that I wasn’t only giving myself a leg up, this could really help others too.
After a push from my sweet best friend, I started this website you now find yourself on, once back in Sydney I pitched and networked the concept like crazy to the media and 7 years later I seriously have the best job in the world, one that didn’t even really exist, I created it.
I am an eco stylist, which basically means I am stylist with a mindful and sustainable approach.
I work with clothing which is kind to our earth – thrift/charity/op shop, vintage, DIY, upcycled, recycled, slow, ethical, the list goes on. It’s fashion which considers its footprint on people and the planet and that never goes out of style.
As the Australian ambassador for Salvos Stores a huge part of my work revolves around second hand clothing…it’s my gig to make this retail sector gorgeous and show people just how stylish it can be.
I don’t see old
I don’t see uncool
I just see the endless possibility and potential with preloved
An opportunity to play, remaster and paint a new picture
Throw the size book out the window…reshape, twist and transform
Layer like its an Olympic sport
Love the discarded and forgotten, fill them up with new fashion life
The only limit is your imagination
Will you join me? 

Faye x

Faye De Lanty