What My Wardrobe Taught Me

Our clothes can be an incredible catalyst for change.

Encouraging us to do, see, feel and be more

As we move into a new year I’ve felt drawn to muse on what my wardrobe taught me in 2021… 

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider too


1. True style is never about how much you spend 

I have saved thousands of dollars adorning myself in second hand, yet time after time I seem to fool others into thinking I’m wearing designer. In a way, I am, outfits of my own design if you will, which are dedicated to making a difference. Thrift clothing contains endless possibilities weaved into its very fibres, all it takes is for us to see it in a fresh ‘new light’


2. Fashion will transform the world around us, if we allow it to 

The clothes we choose to put on our back can give back to people and planet. When you shop second hand, small business, artisan culture and local craft you vote with your fashion dollar for a kinder way to dress. Your hard earned cash goes back into community, supports charity and keeps our style circular and out of landfill. If we all start consuming in this way, it will have a huge ripple effect on the fashion eco system at large. Less waste, more thought, an opportunity to shape shift with our style.

Wardrobe playtime ignites powerful healing and hope 

I think I always understood, even if unintentionally, the power of playing amongst my closet. Dress ups have forever been my favorite sport. It’s time to create, escape, dream and develop new ideas. During covid lockdown this pastime became an essential part of my mental health routine, helping to bring about healing and hope. As adults we forget about our inner child, but seriously she is very wise, try hanging out with her once in a while and see how you feel.

Getting dressed can be a revolutionary act 

Never underestimate the power of individual impact, especially as a fashion consumer. We can shift the industry if we all start asking for a different expression. Think about it, as a collective we can choose slow style over fast fashion fixes, small business over big corporations, people over profit. To paraphrase Pyer Moss ‘we’re stuck in this rut of we have to do things the old way, but the old way doesn’t work. i just want you to think about what systems are you buying into, what are innovating versus what are you emulating’.

Be a fashion revolutionist and exist to resist!

Patience is a preloved virtue 

The very nature of second hand fashion is slow and that has taught me to calm my (fashion) farm too. You can’t always find what you want first go in a thrift store – all hail the lust list– and if something is handmade by a local artist well that takes time too. I have discovered that these factors make me appreciate my clothes so much more. Where they have come from, who made them, their story and their ability to stand for something so much more than a need now quick fix.  It enables me to be considered with what I choose to invite into my closet and encourages me to ask questions like

  1. Do I really need it? 2. Will I wear it? 3. Does it add to my lifestyle? 4. Do I feel like me in it? 5. Do I already have something similar? 6. Could I thrift it? 7. Could I DIY?

Creativity abounds as I stop before I shop and get laser focus on what I truly require.

Honestly, my wardrobe continues to deliver a wizardry of stylish self help…take the time to listen and learn what yours can teach you too.