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Sleepy Style

April 8th, 2017 | no comments

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

When you don’t really want to change out of your nightie so you turn it into day wear…introducing sleepy style!

Slip dresses are a big deal right now and I get why, they are so darn comfortable and the coolest bit is they are totally acceptable as outerwear. Fashion is in a sense of rebellion and I’m feeling it.

I saw this all white combo in a Top Shop campaign recently and I loved it, what made it modern and cool was how it was tied in with a cute pair of sneakers. However, rather than catching the fast fashion train I decided to take a tip from the tortoise and slow down.

Stop before you shop

Upon pausing I realised that I actually had the perfect pieces already in my closet.

I found this silk Bergdorfs slip and Calvin Klein jacket for $10 each at the Salvation Army in NYC, they both still had their tags on!

I added another slip underneath so it wasn’t to riske for the day.

Teamed it with my trusty LV and jewels from the Salvation Army here in Sydney

My beloved Marc Jacobs watch gives the look a touch of masculine attitude

Sweet (style) dreams


Images by Bryan Marden 

2017 Trends to Score at a Thrift Store

March 6th, 2017 | no comments

1. Tees that Talk – Rock Bands, lifestyle brands (Hilfiger is huge right now) slogans that make you stop and think and bright graphics are all having a moment on the humble t-shirt this season and you know where I always find the goodies? In the mens section of a thrift store, they are oversized and wonderfully worn in. Etsy is a great spot to hunt too, lots of small independant sellers with great one of a kind stock.

2. Cold Shoulder – strapless and off the shoulder shirting seems to be everywhere, a lot of the expensive brands are making specific items to suit, but seriously just grab yourself an oversized men’s stripe shirt or plain white button down from your local thrift store and create the look with your own two hands. A super simple way to start off with this trend is to undo a few of the buttons of your shirt and pull it down to sit just so on your shoulders, et voila instant chic and slick new look for a classic staple.Check the collage for inspo.

3. Raw and ragged – It’s ironic that unfinished hems and ripped denim is some of the most coveted and expensive fashion items that are trending right now. Why should we have to forkout a months paycheck for a look that is essentially prelovedin appearance!?
My tip have a crafternoon – check out my video for DIY inspo  

4. Patch Things Up – The 70’s called and they want their jeans back! Patches are popping up everywhere on denim, the back of jackets to handbags and beyond but the designer versions are so expensive. You can quite often find patches in thrift stores, at markets, craft stores or even on ebay and etsy -grab yourself a bunch and big things up your own unique way.

5. Coat Tales – We are coming into autumn/fall in Australia and its time to bring your jacket game – I especially love a camel coat moment, the color goes with everything and looks so chic. Puffer jackets are big this season too, try a white button down and a bralette underneath for a great layering look with texture and interest. Start searching thrift stores now as winter stock is already being put on the racks – just like the high street stores. My Tip is to up the ante with the trimmings. Switch out average buttons for beautiful military inspired gold offerings. If it’s heading into spring where you are, try this with a light trench or a collared shirt.

PS Use my collage as an eco chic reference point – snap a screen shot and take it shopping with you. That’s what I always do and it really helps me fine tune my hunting.

Happy thrifting


Eye For Style

August 14th, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Great style isn’t about how much you spend. It’s about fine tuning your eye and your mind to understand fashion. If you don’t have a natural eye for style don’t worry you can develop it.

The first port of call – get your geek chic on.

I cannot tell you how much the bible aka British Vogue has taught me. Thanks to my Dad’s influence, I have devoured that magazine for well over a decade. Far from a frivolous fashion notion, the good book has educated me in cut, color, styling, fabric and form. It’s not just the editorials that hold all the gold either, the luxury brand advertisements for Gucci, Prada, Balmain et al contain a wealth of knowledge too. This is how I learnt about big brand aesthetics and now in the blink of an eye I can detect designer or completely replicate it with thrift.

Chanel for example is famous for tweed jackets, quilted bags and stripe breton tops, so it really is a cinch to find those pieces and recreate this iconic french look with second hand.

British designer Anya Hindmarch has done a wonderful run of fun pop art bags covered in patches, popular cultural references and even odes to breakfast cereals, she’s a big fan of eyes as well. I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t done my homework!

So I couldn’t believe, well, my eyes, when I found this incredible little recreation at the Salvation Army. It’s also in a similar shape to an hermes birkin bag, its really a fashion win win – a wonderful look for less moment. This is why thrifting or op shopping is incredible, it allows you to buy into the trends without breaking the bank and the more you know, trust me the more you will find.

My classic black dress, denim jacket and divinely comfy white slips ons are all from Salvos Stores too.

Sticking to the classics is another way to look stylish with minimal effort and develop that eye for style.

Now stop slacking off kids and get back to studying

#EcoChic #FashionHound

C’est Eco Chic

August 8th, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

French Vogue

Eco Chic

Fashion Hound

Ineffably effortless and so beyond chic, french women have a certain je ne sais quoi that le kills me everytime. Case in point French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt.

Her style is incredibly paired down yet devastatingly stylish. The pieces Emmanuelle chooses are the classics – black skinnies, stripe bretons and blazers so sharp they could slice bread. Simple they may be but her labels of choice – Balmain, Isabel Marant, Givenchy and Chanel demand a pretty penny and then some. I’m totally all for great investment pieces but just incase you can’t quite afford the latest and greatest here’s my thrifty take – c’est eco chic with 5 clever little tips to boot.

1. Study and collate – When I dig a celebrities style I collect pictures of their outfits and make a collage. This becomes a great reference point for creating your own version.

2. Get thrifty –  My entire outfit in this blog post is thrifted. Calvin Klein white tux – $10 from the Salvation Army in Brooklyn NYC. Yep $10. Stripe breton top $12 – Salvos Stores Sydney. Black Karl Lagerfeld black Skinnies $15 Salvos Stores. Chanel replica $10 Salvos Stores and the piece de resistance my $840 authentic Manolo Blahniks that I picked up at the Salvation Army on 46th Street in Manhattan for $25!!

3.  Pick great quality classics. The thing I notice time and time again with celebrity style is that most of it is incredibly simple. Denim, leather, lace, black, white, stripes, camel, beautiful boots, heels or flats in timeless styles. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items. Hit your local thrift store with your inspo pics or collage in tow and hunt for those pieces -copy what you see in the images. You can easily do it with second hand. I do

4. Look expensive in 5 seconds flat. Do as the magazine editors do and drape your jacket over your shoulders, wearing it properly is overrated 😉 A killer pair of dark shades is another trick, they add instant chic. Keep accesories to a minimum and let the classic pieces speak volumes.

5. Never fail fashion – stick to a color palate of black, white, khaki, grey and french stripes. Let your hair dry naturally and add a few simple waves or texture. You’ll look incredible and important without even really trying

le loving that!



August 1st, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Green is the new black and being conscious is ethi-cool. Salvos Stores even got a mention in Australian Vogue this month, now that’s very cool.

It’s no secret that second hand chic is on the rise but a lot of people still use words like retro and vintage when they talk about thrift shopping. What I love proving time and time again is that these stores are absolutely full to the brim with beautiful modern pieces just like you would see in the blogosphere and beyond.

Treat thrifting like a normal shopping experience, wide birth the costume vibes and only have eyes for good quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time.

I shopped my own wardrobe again this past weekend and came up with some gorgeous outfits, this one is a particular fave and it’s 100% thrifted from Salvation Army stores in Sydney and NYC.

Here’s a breakdown of the items and why they are such wonderful clothes to have and the best bit, you don’t need to spend all your pay to get them.

LBD – stretchy, comfy yet sexy I have worn this 3/4 length piece so much and it cost $10. In fact it’s so versatile I’ll show you some other ways to style it soon here on the blog.

CAMEL – A camel coat is a true classic and a wonderful staple to have in your closet. I thrifted this beautiful camel hair one in NYC at the Salvation Army Coat Sale for $20

CLASSIC ACCESSORIES – Black is the new black! A pair of statement sunglasses in a classic hue will take you to super eco chic in an instant. I love these cats eyes shades, they make you stylish without even having to try. They cost me $10 and still had the tags on. Black chokers are a huge trend but honestly a nice piece of ribbon will do the trick, that’s what I use. I found this cutting in the haberdashery section of Salvos Stores for 50c or you could go to a good craft store.

LEOPARD – Another luscious trend for 2016 but really was it ever not in fashion? To avoid looking like you are going on safari I love it as a little pop, be it in a shoe, clutch or scarf.

SNEAKER – This casual kid is so having a moment right now and I love teaming it with a dressier look like I have here. These white slides still had the tags on them and there was a whole box of them for $1 each, seriously!


Old Dress New Look

November 29th, 2015 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Old is New

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Is it just me or do you feel really cool when you wear a cape!? As if you have fashion super powers or that if you wanted to you could totally break into a Stevie Nicks track. I think they look amazing in unexpected ways, like over casual cargo pants with heels – or ripped denim and a strappy sandal, a style dichotomy my friends.

One of the things I’ve learnt with my job is to never discount a garmet based on the label or look and that alot of the somewhat frumpy or over the top pieces are actually incredible reworked in other ways.

Take this old dress new look. As a frock it felt outdated to me, but the fabric and drape is gorgeous. It has a japanese artwork appearance of sorts and on a windy day I swear I could almost fly!

Second hand stores are filled with stunning vintage dresses that are just waiting to dance once more. Think outside the box and create your own one of kind cool.


Images by Anna Dufour

Clothes and accessories sourced from My Salvos Stores | Khaki Pants Witchery | Prada sunglasses – found on the side of the road! Hello gift from the fashion gods!

Bag Bug charm found on my travels in Bangkok

Shirtdress Saviour

October 23rd, 2015 | 1 comment

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound



Bangkok Baby

Fashion Hound

Bangkok Baby

In Bangkok


When Shakespere penned ‘How do I love thee? Let me count the ways‘ its quite possible that [In my fashion fantasy] he was talking about this dress.

  1. It cost me $10 – thrifted from Salvos Stores in Sydney [The Minchinbury store has some seriously great stuff]
  2. It doesn’t crease, ever
  3. It is super lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion especially when dealing with Bangkok temperatures and jumping in and out of Tuk Tuks around this buzzing and burning hot city.
  4. It’s versatile – looks great with a belt and flats or heels, or as a cape over a singlet and jeans. You could even tuck it into another lightweight skirt or jeans and wear it as a shirt.
  5. It’s very like a DVF dress – the print and the cut really reminds me of the designers aesthetic
  6. You are dressed in a second and you look $$$$
  7. The style is so good, it will become a template for me to have replicas made in different colors…won’t a white and army green silk or sheer fabric look wonderful
  8. It is recycled…so I saved it from landfill and am getting incredible wear out of it…sustainable and practical style
  9. It is incredibly comfortable and I love that it moves with me when I walk
  10. It has pockets!

The shirt dress is sartorial nirvana and it’s items like this that allowed me to travel for 4 weeks to Hawaii, Tokyo and Thailand with one carry on suitcase…for a back breaking over packer of the past, seriously wonders never cease!

My Tip: head to your local thrift store and look for light as a feather frocks like this one #LifeChanging

Bag and jewellery also from Salvos Stores, Prada sunnies (for real, found on the footpath in my hood!) and Fendi inspired bag bug charm found on my travels in Bangkok at Terminal 21. Shoes from Wittner

Thanks to Jess Teal for the great pics taken in my Dad’s Soi [Street] – check Jess out on facebook 

If you need a photographer in Bangkok she is definitely your gal


Calvin and Karl

October 4th, 2015 | 2 comments









Simple spring chic sourced entirely with thrift.

Calvin and Karl are the heroes here.

I found my never been worn soft as butter white Calvin Klein tux jacket at the Salvation Army in NYC…my favorite store in Manhattan is on 46th St between 10th&11th…Check out the thrift boutique I set up there...this jacket cost me $10 USD.

My skinny leg jeans are Karl Lagerfeld-these ones hail from the Cat Protection Society charity shop in Enmore Sydney, a self confessed fashion hound I didn’t even know such a place existed but they have great stock, really well edited plus I’m all for the paw dollar 🐾

Lets talk about the handbag…I just love this little perspex number, while not the real deal how much of a Chanel moment is it!? I did gasp when I lay my eyes on it for $5 at The Salvos Store in Darlinghurst Sydney. That’s one of the many things I love about thrifting/op shopping you can find so many pieces to recreate a designers aesthetic for less.

I feel really fresh yet dressed in this ensemble, a white tux is a striking alternative summer or winter and a piece you will get so much wear out of. Cool with ripped denim, belted over a dress and beyond.

Scour your local thrift stores for one of your own or try sourcing from ethical labels.

Good on you is a great sustainable shopping resource that helps you make more eco friendly fashion choices, definitely check them out for your simple spring chic.

Thanks to the sweet Miss Chelli from Ubranding for the pics




July 29th, 2015 | no comments

Perfect for pairing with sneakers, just as perfect with a slinky stilletto…a soft drapey trench is an ideal addition to your wardrobe staples.

This light weight hybrid caught my eye not only because of its unusual smoky green/grey tone but because its the kind of piece not uncommon on a resort collection catwalk. I love the way it falls and it has this fabulous feel about it. Belt it in, push the sleeves up, layer, let it skim your skin…a piece like this is perfect instant chic. Try it casually like I have or how about a pencil skirt, fitted top and heels for a haute moment.

This is a brushed cotton vintage piece from Salvos Stores and it cost me $30…have a scour around at your local thrift store and see what’s lurking, don’t forget to look in the mens section too

Some of those coats are just perfect for the ladies.



Runway to Reality

July 8th, 2015 | no comments
Luxe for Less - Fashion Hound

Backstage with my beautiful models Sarah, Kara, Michelle and Ally in 2015 Ready To Wear looks I’ve recreated with thrift clothing #FashionHound

Fashion Hound

Talking Runway to Reality with host Sonia Kruger on Ch9 Mornings

Luxe For Less

Ally my lovely intern in my Salvos Store thrift version of Saint Laurent


Luxe For Less

Fashion Hound Eco Styling

Chanello! How amazing does Michelle look as my Chanel muse!

Recreated with Thrift Clothing

Luxe For Less - Fashion Hound

Balmain Inspired Beauty Kara

Fashion Hound

Ch9 Mornings

Backstage Selfie with my beautiful models

My Salvos Stores

Sarah in my Burberry recreation

Ch9 Mornings

On the Ch9 Mornings set with Host Sonia Kruger

Four thousand dollars for a poncho, ten thousand for a military jacket or a painted trench coat, that’s a lot of benjamins!

While I love beautiful things, even if I had that kind of money I would strongly question my decision to spend such an amount, honestly I’d rather book a flight to my beloved NYC and do it in style! I learnt many years ago, when thrift was all I could afford, the merits of second hand swag.

I’m fortunate to have a platform with Ch9 Mornings where I can share my eco savvy on Australian TV, so I thought I’d show you my photo diary from the segment. In Runway to Reality I took on 4 Ready-To-Wear 2015 looks from Saint Laurent, Burberry, Chanel and Balmain and recreated them with donations from Salvos Stores.

Each look is under $100 and heartbreakingly chic if I do say so myself.

Here’s my Top 3 Tips to do Luxe for Less

1. Learn about your favorite labels aesthetic.

Chanel for example if famous for fancy tweed jackets, crisp white collars and pretty pearls. Balmain is big on jumpsuits, a power shoulder and military vibes. I read British Vogue religiously and I don’t just absorb the editorial, I learn just as much from the advertisements and ad campaigns.

2. Take inspiration tears from mags, screen shots on your iphone or sketches if you are artistically inclined. Study what you see on the runway looks and then find thrifted pieced to match and don’t just look in your section – look everywhere around the store. My chanel look has a $15 mens business shirt and a $10 vintage bowtie.

3. Be creative – I found the ribbon for my chanel models hair and waist at the bottom of a basket filled with haberdashery off cuts. The khaki coat had a button missing, so I found another jacket that was a bit too flawed to wear but it had the most perfect army buttons – almost identical to the ones on the coat I wanted to use, so I stitched it on. To give my felt hat a bohemian feel I added an unsual feather from my collection.

Have fun and see how high end you can take it!