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Faye De Lanty

Eco Beauty

Higher Ground

  Slowing down my style has seriously woken up all the other areas of my lifestyle...home, health, holy matrimony and my holistic beauty regime. One…
Faye De Lanty
August 5, 2019
Fashion Hound Eco Fashion

Everlasting Luxe

Calvin Klein men's shirt $5, Witchery jeans $2, Gucci inspired bag $10 all from the Salvos. 'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance'...Coined by…
Faye De Lanty
February 17, 2019

Natural Dyeing

Mother nature has always been our greatest muse, effortlessly creating incredible color like it ain't no thing, sadly though we humans have strayed from her…
Faye De Lanty
February 11, 2019