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Little White Dress

December 20th, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

She’s the light as a feather cousin to the iconic dark lady of fashion, but the little white dress is emerging from the shadows and certainly making a name for herself in the style stakes.

If you ask me I think she packs just as much punch.

A crisp clean take on a classic.

Instead of buying one from the high street I had my dressmaker create mine from a gorgeous style I saw on Kim K.

A good fit for my curves.

Although I must say I’m still working up to wearing the black lingerie underneath!

I think the secret with a LWD is to not go too tight, skim the body rather than strangle and I think a 3/4 length style is incredibly chic.

I have got just as much wear out of this white version as I have my LBD’s.

I teamed her here with black accessories and a customised clutch I made using broken brooches and earrings.

It’s a super chic look for the holidays but you know what she looks just as cute with white sneakers

What a gal!

Images by Bryan Marden

To Tie For

December 13th, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

It’s the modern and dramatically more comfortable cousin but the lace up and corset trend will certainly cinch you in.

I mean it just looks so cool.

Seen everywhere from shoes to shirts, skirts, structured jackets

and then of course there’s the amazing corset belts themselves.

Fashion seems to be focused on sublime details, ways in which our clothes can speak.

Customising, embellishment and carefully placed eye catching qualities.

There is a return to story telling in style, takes me back to my Dad’s era¬†on kings road in London and I love it.

I’m a sucker for a good vintage tee, so when I saw the lace up vibes had hit them too I had to have one.

Instead of buying it new though I bribed my trusty dressmaker to upcycle this Harley find I picked up in NYC.

She sliced a V down the middle, stitched on the eyelet tape and we threaded it with a shoelace I found at the Salvos for 50c.

TO TIE FOR right ūüėČ


Images by Bryan Marden 

Say Yes to the Dress

November 27th, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

She’s a fashion icon.

Not me, I mean the frock. This lady is a fashion never fail and completely faux pas proof. Long live the little black dress and live long she has. Gracing beautiful bodies of all shapes and sizes for decades the LBD is the ultimate go to, no matter where you happen to be going to!

You can dress her up, dress her down, turn her around or even try her off the shoulder and she looks just as lovely casually as she does as cocktail or couture.

We love her even more when she has a heart like this gorgeous offering from my friends at ethical brand Kui Store 

The Wen Dress is made from 80% organic cotton, 20% hemp and low impact dyes.

Kui has great transparency about their process and their makers are all members of the Fair Wear Foundation.

So not only can you look fantastic you can feel good about it too

I say yes to the dress

Copy Cat Chic

November 8th, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well then I must be one hell of a nice gal. Stemming from a time when thrift was genuinely all I could afford, I developed my own way to get a designer on a dime look with my copy cat chic.

I’ve been reading British Vogue since I was a teenager, so like since last week ūüėČ

But seriously it has taught me so much about designer aesthetics, what a brand looks like if you will.

Take french label Chloe for example

Chloe is famous for its diaphanous fabrics with a dreamy bohemian bent. It’s all about a latte/caramel/cream moment, delicate lace, sunglasses that need their own zip code and some seriously good mood lighting. It all subliminally sends the message of sexy 70‚Äôs chic with a heavenly high fashion and tailored edge.

Because I know this, I am able to spot a chloe inspired piece when I’m thrifting. So if I want a chloe look, I simply hunt for items that fit that aesthetic description. Case in point why I bought this vintage dress and scarf from Zoo Emporium in Surry Hills.

It’s so chloe

The look-a-like shades I found in a vintage store in NYC

Amazing eco friendly fish skin clutch from Purple Mango

Try recreating the brands you love for less


Images by Bryan Marden

Sequins of events

October 29th, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

Screw saving sparkles for a special occasion, I say bring out the bling and make the sun shine sartorially whenever it takes your fancy.

But seriously something as beautiful as this skirt needs to be seen day and night.

YOLO right!?

Traditionally sequins are for formal soirees but I so love the dichotomy of dressing them down for a more wearable approach.

Try sequins with worn in denim, a classic tee, strappy sandals and the look of the season, a Grace Kelly inspired neck tie.

Its relaxed chic that really packs a fashion punch

All clothing found at the Salvation Army here in Sydney and NYC, bag Louis Vuitton

Images by Bryan Marden  


October 23rd, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

Repeat, Reuse, Replay however you want to sing the song sustainability is where it’s at.

We just can’t keep making new stuff without thinking about what to do with the stuff we already have and no longer need.

Rewind back to the 80’s when VHS tapes reigned supreme, what do we do with all of them now? Well thankfully there are some eco chic kids who care and have found a fashionable way to re-release their glory. Tropicca is a clever Brazilian brand who takes these old tapes and weaves them with natural fibres into super cute clutches like the one I have in these pics, gorgeous right. Just goes to show you that a simple shift in perception can be a creative force for good.

In fact my whole outfit is reused clothing and all from Salvos Stores

A vintage army shirt from the 70’s

White jeans that I customised myself (they had a super scary mid crop flare that I really wasn’t feeling, but the fit and fabric is fantastic so I gave them a chance to shine once more)

My white sneakers were $1 and still had the tags on them

Imagine what else we could replay if we simply put our mind to it

 Grab your clutch here 

Pics by Bryan Marden

Designer on a Dime

October 14th, 2016 | no comments

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Safe to say that shopping is certainly one of my strong points, however where I hadn’t really worked my sartorial muscles yet was in the online market place.

Wow, it’s designer on a dime my darlings!

¬†I guess I was a bit old school and assumed that things needed to be tried on and tested first but here’s the thing… with a trusty tape measure and a sound understanding of your own personal style and body shape its actually a breeze.

Originally famous for its great furniture finds, I struck fashion gold recently when I discovered Gumtree is bursting with thousands of gorgeous fashion listings.

I was so excited, I set myself a challenge to restock my spring wardrobe with sustainable finds from here and wow did I score.

Never been worn DVF for $75, this dress would originally be around $500 new.

Brand New With Tags Witchery snake print maxi for $100. The RRP on this one was $220.

I also found the prettiest of military jackets by Woodford & Co, totally inspired by the recent Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry collections for $40. This Woodford&Co jacket would have also been around the $400-$500 mark brand new. The Burberry version is over 10k! Nope thats not a typo.

Shopping on this platform saved me money, so much time, I felt a strong sense of community and Gumtree allowed me to stay true to my sustainability ethos.

Even though Gumtree is predominately a preloved market place, the amount of brand new items that sellers haven’t even worn is quite astounding. It’s definitely my budget and planet saving tip of the year.

 I am now a total online sustainable shopping convert

I mean look at all these beautiful pieces I found

Second hand never has to mean second best.

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Luxe for less

Photos Bryan Marden 


Luxe for less

October 10th, 2016 | no comments

Luxe for less

Fashion Hound Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

If it wasn’t obvious by now, I clearly adore fashion. I love the beauty, form, fabrics, the way things fall and most of all

The story style can tell.

What I don’t like however is that sometimes it can make us feel that we if we can’t afford the biggest and the best, that we don’t fit in. Style can segregate.

A quick #instastalk around the blogosphere will show you countless cuties wearing the latest Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga and beyond but honestly how do they afford it and really the big question is do they need it all?

While I have a few investment pieces I treasure, its not feasible for me to have every single slice of designer that emerges from the catwalks and couture houses. Not sure I could cope even if I could #Glambulance

Thankfully with the emergence of the share economy now I don’t have to.

Today you can rent, return, swap and shop designer sustainably. Honestly its so good.

I found this classic black Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress for $75 on Gumtree. This iconic dress normally retails for around $500. Gumtree is an incredible sustainable online shopping platform, that I’ve only recently discovered has thousands of designer fashion listings. Gucci, Givenchy, the gangs all there!

Speaking of Gucci, isn’t my blush pink bag just gorgeous. Well instead of paying nearly 3k I rented it for 2 days from

The Luxe Collection.

This is a genius Australian owned company that gives you a slice of the high life for a fraction of the price. Its a beautiful example of sustainable style in action.

See! It’s not about how much you spend or all the sparkly things you have

I say being savvy is the new black


Pics by Bryan Marden 


Sharing is Caring

October 1st, 2016 | no comments

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Fashion Hound

Sharing is caring and it couldn’t be more apt when speaking about sustainability. There is such an incredible sense of community in the eco fashion and lifestyle space, I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. Green kids just seem to give more, feel more and connect more but that aside another one of the big bonuses of the share economy is the money you keep in your chic little back pocket.

Take this outfit for example

I found the wonderful military, marching band, Beatles inspired jacket on gumtree for $40

It’s a brand by the name of Woodford and Co and it would normally be around $400 probably more!

It’s in beautiful condition plus the lady who sold it to me was a total sweetheart, helping me make sure the fit would be right for me with additional pics and info. When I sent her these images she was so happy to see it had gone to a loving new home.

I was never much of an online shopper before but now I’m seriously into it especially with a sustainable platform like this, its really great to know the story and people behind the clothes I choose.

The $5 mens deux et machina butter soft tee and $15 vintage levis I picked up from my local Salvos Store in Darlinghurst. Thrifting is another great way to connect and do something conscious with your fashion dollar.

Now even though I’m a green girl doesn’t mean I don’t love a divine designer bag moment, I’m just not sure I’m down with dropping thousands for the experience too often. I do have a couple of LV’s that I love and wear constantly I’m just preferring to invest in making over my apartment at present.

So I was super excited to discover the Luxe Collection by L, where you can

Rent It * Rock it * Return it

It’s high end luxury handbag hire. Yep you can borrow babies from YSL, Gucci, Chanel and Co for a fraction of the price

Such an incredible way to be sustainable without every having to sacrifice style


Photos by Bryan Marden 

Of Corset Is

September 12th, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound



Of CORSET it is only it didn’t cost me a fortune!

Fashion seems to be all about the corset belt currently and I can’t get enough of it, I just love the modern take on an old world muse.

It’s roping everyone in from Prada to the kardashian K-amp and I’d like a little cinching in too please.

Whenever I see these high end and high priced trends I like to challenge myself to see if I can recreate it with thrift, I mean do we really need to spend thousands?

If you look at Kim’s outfit it’s essentially just a worn in white tee and a white cotton corset. So I headed to Salvos Stores to see what I could find and while there were no corsets that day I scored something even cooler. A $5 white collared shirt that actually had a corset feature to it (pictured in this post)

I knew just the woman to help bring my idea to life.

Note to self…if you are a keen thrifter get a great dressmaker on speed dial, they can help you reinvent so many pieces and it will still be much cheaper than buying the designer trend new.

Jan basically cut the corset feature off the shirt, removed the shirts buttons and added a few more button holes into the mix that was already there to create the corset base. I went searching for some shoe lace cotton pipping which I found at a craft store for 74c/metre.  We threaded the pipping through and et voila the coolest cotton corset for less than $20!

Jan also suggested that a good dressmaker could make a corset template out of a men’s tuxedo shirt. Thrift around for an actual corset or hit second hand portals like gumtree to see if they have one.

To complete the look I found the dreamiest worn in deux et machina tee in the men’s section for $5

A great fitting pair of white jeans (I went up a size so they weren’t too white and tight #scary) The jeans however had the ugliest crop flare that just doesn’t suit my vibe. I had Jan taper them in the leg which took her a New York minute and I customized them with scissors and tweezers!

Denim jacket $15 and nude heels $10 from Salvos Stores too

I don’t mean to blow my own fashion trumpet but seriously how close is my look to the one on Kim, naturally I chose to wear pants though

And when some one asks you if it’s Prada you can say of CORSET it is

Or tell them the crazy cool eco truth that you kicked pradas butt and did it yourself  baby


Photos by Bryan Marden