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Could our words be a weapon of mass reconstruction!?

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me!’ Or can they? Our thoughts absolutely have the ability to become things, so imagine what the words we speak have the power to do.

Transform or tarnish!?

When we think of the word donation from an op shop perspective…what does it conjure up? And what about when we add the word bin to it?

Do these words paint the positive picture we want to portray, or do they convey a more pessimistic outlook with perhaps a sense of pity for the receiver, rather than the dignity they deserve?

Does the current connotation around these words – charity bin – also make it easier for people to feel OK about dumping?

As if the most disadvantaged in our society don’t deserve quality? We all know what kind of stuff can be dumped in the form of a donation!

I wonder what would happen if we changed the word from donation to gift and encouraged people to look the recipient in the eye when they bestowed it? Or at least imagine it as a gift.

Delivering their goods by hand to staff in store or meeting the many people those donations has the potential to heal.

Now that’s a real gift.

Now I’m not a gambling gal but I could pretty much bet my thrifted Manolo Blahniks that it would be a very different story if we changed the language, to change the behaviour. Reverse psychology or shop-ology if you will.

Giving the gift of thrift from a space of kindness and thought, as if for a friend would generate a much more meaningful exchange. Education and encouragement for donors is key too, raising awareness and the vibration around what they deem acceptable to donate to a charity. ‘Does your donation count or cost’ is a powerful coin of phrase to consider. Connecting with community, supporting the mission of a worthy cause, creating new possibilities for the ones society forgot. When all done with love, can propel the collective forward enormously.

So perhaps we should gather up our ‘sticks and stones’ and use them to reconstruct a new donation style!? Donations as real gifts.

Winston Churchill knew where it was at when he stated. ‘We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out.’

Yep this is an op shop! Our first Salvos Street Boutique in Sydney, filled entirely with beautiful public donations and eco styled by me.


Fashion Hound

Two of my favorite thrift store looks I’ve ever created. When you donate with thought and love this is what can happen, fashion that not only has the opportunity to be pretty but it can heal and empower local community too.