Eco Fashion



SWOP-PING : (adj.) The art of shopping your bestie’s closet to create a cool new look.

Also See: A wonderfully eco friendly way to get them new clothing feels without having to spend a cent!

During April/May this year, Lee and I went on our 1month honeymoon and I challenged myself to take 1 small carry on suitcase for the entire trip.

It was a challenge to say the least – 4 different countries, totally different climates, conditions and pressing engagements with family and friends where fashion had to be a consideration…I mean a girl still wants to look cute right!?

I packed hard working essentials and was ecstatic to see just how much they went the distance…I’ll post more on that very soon.

As a start

One of my biggest tips is to go SWOP-PING – raid your friends, family or whoever you may know in each port and see what you can put together by way of exchange.

My precious Polish soul sister Karolina lives in NYC and she was totally up for the challenge. She grabbed my beloved Lois Hazel LBD and thrifted belt, styling it in a way I hadn’t thought of, gorgeous!

I dove on her divine tassle corset belt and reworked it over my op shop mens tux shirt and jeans…adding in my beloved wedding shoe.

The result, a sartorial match made in heaven!

Thank you so much to the delightful Diana for capturing the cool vibes between K and I, I really do adore her and not just for her incredible wardrobe!

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