Let it SLOW…Let it SLOW…Let it SLOW

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Yasssssss (Mc) Queen it’s Christmas time and t’is also the time where the fashion pressure is on, but you know what I say

Hit the breaks and slow down this festive season.

My festive season began late November by way of my Hen’s night – I’m getting married next week!!! With all my special girls (and by girls I mean mostly my gay husbands!) gathering together to shower me with love and champagne I definitely wanted to look and feel cute. Ten years ago I would have just headed to the High Street and bought something new that I’d probably just wear once, now I always try to challenge myself to stop before I shop 

I looked at renting a dress and of course hunted around my local thrift havens for a frock, however none of them seemed special enough or close to my heart.

The runway shows and designer collections are always such a huge inspiration for me and I am low key in love (also see #Obsessed) with the current Alexander McQueen collection. So I asked my trusty dressmaker Jan if she could help me recreate the stunning black and red look you can see in the above collage and as you can also see we nailed it!!

The trousers and top I already had, the patches I found at my local craft supplier and the rest I thrifted from the Salvos. Jan told me to look out for fabric that had structure, so I found the perfect mid length skirt that she cut into a short asymmetrical piece to emulate the designer look. The sheer side panel was once a long line vest. We ironed on all the patches. I LOVE this outfit, it made me feel so special and expensive, yet the whole thing cost $80!

The second McQueen recreation was for the Daily Mail

I wanted to show their readers how super chic you can look in second hand and that designer looks don’t have to be out of reach. I adore the decadence of the embellishment on the Mc Queen looks and it sparked the thought that hmmm maybe I could get a similar feel with vintage brooches and boy did we what!! Isn’t it gorgeous. Picking a simple palate with a black pencil skirt, corset and a white tee for cool contrast the pins really pop and make a heck of a haute statement for less. Vintage brooches can always be found in thrift stores so start building your collection!

The moral of this style story, get your crafternoon on and give DIY a try.

Frost yourself with slow fashion this festive season





Merry THRIFT-Mas

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion hound

Fashion Hound Fashion Hound

T’is the season my sweeties!! So I wanted to show you that being stylish doesn’t have to involve spending a lot of money and it can actually do something positive for the planet too.

I hit my local Salvation Army thrift store to source 4 gorgeous looks for the festive season and the Today Show came along to check them out!

I decided to choose really simple classic items, some of which you may already have in your wardrobe, but if you don’t they will be a steal at your local second hand haven.

I also gave accessories some super chic and unexpected twists – like a shimmer scarf as a top and upcycling a handbag to look like a present

Frost yourself for less but never ever sacrifice style

Here are my tips

  1. Start with simple items – black and denim skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, black pencil skirt and streamlined accessories
  2. Then uncover ways in which you can upgrade and embellish them. For example, the big take home from the 2018 resort shows was bling is big and British Vogue did a great editorial to show you how accessories can amp up simple pieces like white t-shirts, khaki and handbags. Look at the white tee in my pics, I actually used two patches and earrings pinned into them to jazz it up, I didn’t glue or stitch so they are removable if you need your item to be plain again. Try one earring on the opposing side for a nod to the asymmetrical trend.
  3.  Make items work in unexpected ways…look at these shots and you can see scarves worked in 3 different and unexpected ways…as a top cinched in with a belt, wrapped around a bag handle and reincarnated into a turban
  4. Give DIY a go…I made a cute looking box shaped handbag look like a Xmas present, the bow came from a race wear fascinator and I spray painted it gold, graft glue sealed it all together
  5. Frost yourself…if you don’t have a shiny or sequin piece its definitely worth the time finding one…add this on and you’re ready to turn heads…just keep everything else you wear nice and simple. Also – throw the size book out the window, this sequin t-shirt was too big for my model but it ended up being the perfect item to create a sexy after 5 off the shoulder vibe. PS it was only $15 from my local Salvos Store.

Each outfit seen here is well under $100 and absolutely items you can mix and match and wear again plus when you shop at a thrift store you are empowering people and the good work of the charity.

Christmas really should be about giving, not how much you can get.


Race Wear Warrior

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Fashion Hound

Gather round fine fillies and let me show you how to run your own style race this season!

Whether its Melbourne Cup, Sunday best or a special engagement like a lunch or christening these outfits have a one of a kind love that will certainly stop the nation.

Apart from giving you a unique look these outfits also tread much lighter on our planet by way of bespoke and being a second hand babe.

All the crowns you see here were handmade with heart by the one and only Viktoria Novak 

The clothing is all from The Salvation Army Salvos Stores, styled and upcycled by me.

Viktoria and I teamed up for the Today Show to prove just how gorgeous eco friendly race wear fashion can be.

Check out the segment below and be inspired

This is my favorite look from the shoot and TV segment. Anjali is wearing a very on trend grey vest dress I found for $15 and I knew it was ripe for some asymmetrical reinvention. One of the lovely (sewing machine savvy) Salvos staff- Jenny- helped me convert an old skirt into the panel you see here, the silver chain trim was from a broken necklace. Snake print clutch was $10 and I took it next level by adding a tonal blingy patch to embellish it. White heels were $12. You can see my inspirations in the collage below.

As well as my DIY Prada inspired shoes and the other gorgeous looks featured on the The Today Show

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound Fashion Hound
Fashion Hound

Off and Racing

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Tis the season…but let’s be honest said season can cost a pretty penny am I right!?

So ahead of Melbourne Cup 2017 I showed The Daily Mail how to get 5 on trend race wear looks for under $75. Absolutely everything you see here I thrifted from the Salvation Army Salvos Stores including the set I created to emulate a race day marquee.

I looked to celebrities and current trends for inspiration so all the looks were current, cool and exactly what race goers would want to wear.

Check out the video and looks below

For full Daily Mail Article click here 

Why not run your own eco friendly race this season too!


Thanks to @denikirkova for writing a great article and for modelling my eco friecdly looks


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Salvos Stores Fashion Hound

Salvos Stores

Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound

SALVAGED: To rescue, recover, reclaim and save from the (landfill) wreckage. After 4 months of hard work I was so proud to present this up-cycled op shop collection from the core of my fashion heart with Salvos Stores for Fash Fest.

It’s fashion reinvention and serious eco chic, ‘Salvaged’ is sustainable style at its best. My vision was to illustrate just how high-end discarded and donated clothing can be. With the couture and designer runways as my guide I employed customisation, ingenious upcycling and even couture offerings from some of Australia’s most skilled designers and artists in the sustainable space.

We wanted Salvaged to not only transform your perception of so-called ‘trash’, but to transform your perception of ‘second hand’.

It’s op-shopping, but not as you know it. This was Salvos Stores first appearance at FASHFEST and here’s a rundown of where all the ideas came from

Cardboard Couture: My ode to Italian high fashion label Moschino. Two Salvos Stores trench coats and a vest were sliced up, reshaped and reconstructed to create this one of kind outfit. Jenny, one of the talented staff members at our Tempe Sydney store helped me bring this to life with her fantastic sewing and pattern making skills.

Elements of actual cardboard from the Salvos warehouse were used throughout the ensemble including the little fascinator hat.

Say hello to less waste!

A Rich Tapestry: Inspired by Faye’s fathers 1970’s vintage jacket from Kings Road in London… A $10 unfinished tapestry found in the haberdashery section of the Salvos was added to a second hand Country Road white shirt to totally reinvent it. Teamed with caramel cargos and a vintage duffle bag – a great on trend look for the lads.

Coat Tales : Maison Margiela creative director John Galliano is the king of clothing reinvention, not afraid to refashion garments like jackets into gowns or corsets. Inspired by their 2018 runway show in Paris, I deconstructed a vintage mens trench coat to create this offering of op shop couture in honour of the French House. The current ‘fanny pack’ trend was re-created using three $2 belts and a 50 c coin purse!

Blush Hour: Created by amazing eco friendly Melbourne based label Amassment Co, Salvos Stores blush pink preloved blouses we deconstructed then reconstructed into this incredible one of a kind gown. https://www.amassment.co/

Salvaged: I went to town on transforming second hand items into a completely new look to highlight the collections name sake.

A white pleather dress was snipped into a corset, an oversized skirt became an asymmetrical sash, jeans were trimmed with lace from a damaged t-shirt and a black leather jacket was incredibly customised by Sarah from Melbourne based label One of a Kind Denim https://www.oneofakinddenim.com.au/

Soldier of Style: Sarah from One of a kind Denim strikes again with her stunning hand painted work on this 1966 army coat. I added in a customised white tee and distressed drop crotch denim to create a one of a kind look for the guys.

Of Corset Is: I natural dyed an oversized mens bonds t-shirt with onion skins (yep onion skins!) and teamed it with this wonderful vintage Jenyns corset find from Queensland Hall all of Fame inductee Sarah Jenyn…google her, she was a total 18th Century Girl Boss!

Green Goddess: Canberra based duo Eva and Mish from Vox Cor created this up cycled masterpiece from Salvos Stores finds. A jump suit, a blouse and beyond were reminded to reveal this eco fashion angel.

Wedding Warrior: Lenka Couture is Australia’s first ethically accredited bridal couture designer, she is a master of mindful gowns.

A wedding dress is the ultimate wear once item so Lenka is committed to using what is already in existence to show you that sustainability never ever has to mean sacrificing style. https://www.lenkacouture.com/

See, second hand never ever has to mean sacrificing style



Images courtesy of We Are Found 

Mindfully Wed

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Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound

It took me a long time to find my one true love and I’m so excited to marry Lee in December this year. He is kind, loyal, loving, generous and such great fun, for reals we wake up laughing and I still get butterflies when I see him, even though we live together!

I am so proud of the man he is and I love how we allow each other to be ourselves, chase our dreams independently whilst still being a really tight little unit.

Plus he has no idea really what the whole instagram fuss is all about, nor does he know how to use it which I kinda love, but its thanks to my online eco community that I have been able to uncover how to make our wedding more ethical and planet friendly.

I started doing my research 6 months ago and have been learning so much along the way, it’s pretty scary how wasteful and excessive weddings can be.


This is the ultimate wear once item, so I wanted to find a way to make it more mindful…enter Lenka Couture – Australia’s first ethically accredited bridal couture designer. Lenka and I are designing my dress from scratch using exisiting designer dead stock, left over lace and ethically sourced fabrics to create my one of a kind eco dream dress. The dress I’m wearing in this shoot is also a Lenka. We are making my bridesmaid dresses using organic silk satin and the coolest element is that we are natural dying them with onion skins, you should see the color!


I had no idea about this, but when I was on the shoot for this Mindfully Wed campaign I discovered that a lot of the wedding flowers and the ones we buy from markets or florists have been flown from overseas. How do they last? Sadly, with lots of chemicals and a big carbon footprint to get them here. So it blew my mind to discover the slow flower movement, bouquets that are foraged, locally grown and even reused. Vanessa from @dancing_blossom_studio is doing seriously cool things #GrownNotFlown

I’m really glad I discovered this concept in time to add it to our wedding values.


My beautiful Mumma is the high priestess of preloved and DIY, she reduced me to happy tears when she told me she’d been collecting leaves all year from her garden and her travels. Then using a $2 butterfly shaped hole punch she found she is making me eco friendly confetti that breaks down back into the earth afterwards…genius right!


Man they can rip you off deluxe here, so we have asked a couple of our friends with nice cars to drive us and then we will also be using Uber X


Via the power of the hashtag I uncovered a great ethical Sydney based make up artist. Lovely @liv_lundelius is such a wealth of knowledge and all the products she uses are friendly on your skin, the planet and animals.

I have a lovely girl I work with doing my hair.


Lee will be wearing amazing Spanish vintage boots, a beautiful embroided white shirt – both found at the Salvos and then my sweet stylist friend Donny Galella is helping me find the best options for the boys in terms of borrowing and ethical brands.

Lee is wearing all op shop and vintage in this shoot. I sourced his white embroided shirt and Ralph Lauren chinos from Salvos Stores both totalled $25. The boots Lee found for $30 in a vintage store when we were in NYC.


We had such a divine experience sourcing my engagement ring. I’m a self confessed fussy libran so Lee knew that it would be best if we could design the ring together, this also allowed us to take the time and choose a merchant who had an ethical mindset. Affinity Diamonds were incredible, they searched for months to find me the perfect conflict free dream pear shaped black diamond and in a beautiful slice of serendipity it ended up coming from NYC which is my spiritual home. The stone was then sent to us and set right here and made by hand in their small local workshop. It was so wonderful to sit with their designer Colleen and sketch what was in my mind, she even suggested adding in Lee’s birth stone peridot, hidden under my diamond which we LOVED! My ring is everything I dreamt of and couldn’t recommend their service enough. We will also be getting our wedding rings done with Affinity.


Sandra Henri from Mindfully Wed was the brains trust behind this shoot to promote her event in Sydney Oct 7.

Everything you see here is ethical, mindful, sustainable and aimed at showing you that slowing down never has mean sacrificing style for your special day, in fact we think it makes it more beautiful!

Check out Sandra’s amazing checklist below, it great start to help you get in a ‘Saying Yes For Less’ mindset!

(Sandra also took these gorgeous photos…Talented much!)

Get curious:

Mindful wedding planning and a curious mind are great friends. Reducing a wedding’s footprint begins with a state of mind; a willingness to ask questions and the creativity and courage to go your own way. Here are a few questions to get you started on your journey of wedding rebelliousness 😉

  • Where was this made, and was it made fairly? Don’t be afraid to ask your dressmaker, jeweller or florist these questions. The reason for this is that wedding suppliers are generally small, service based businesses who aim to please. More than likely you’ll be welcomed with an open mind and “let’s find out” approach.
  • Does it have to be new? There are many ways in which you can integrate the old with the new. Sentimental family jewellery can be recreated into new bespoke pieces and vintage or dead stock fabrics to design new gowns. Borrow items where you can; people love to help and contribute to weddings!
  • How can we reduce waste? Explore re-gifting the flowers following the wedding day or use potted plants instead of florals, ask about nose-to-tail catering where no part is wasted, ask your venue if they recycle or compost, use e-invites, bamboo disposables, or give your bridal party the freedom to wear whatever they want and are likely to wear again.
  • How can we benefit our local community? Try to source local, organic and support the little guy. There are so many part-time wedding businesses that do a little happy dance every time they get a booking!
  • How far has this travelled? Give your florist the creativity to use what’s in season and grown in Australia, support a local dress-maker, or choose garden-to-plate catering. Alternatively, if purchasing from overseas, support a traditional artisan, helping to provide employment and preserve culture.
  • Do we really need this? Set free one layer of your wedding and donate the savings to a cause instead, or invest in relationship nurturing and coaching that will far outlast any material items on your wedding day.
    How can we carbon offset our wedding or honeymoon? Whilst you might like to get hands-on with tree planting or making a donation, you’ll be surprised that the easiest way to carbon offset your wedding is by increasing the plant-based servings in your wedding menu. You even might save a few dollars while you’re at it!


Mindfully Wed is Oct 7 in Sydney, for more info click here 

And here’s all the genius eco wedding peeps involved in our shoot, check them out on instagram, just don’t ask Lee to find them for you 😉 haha




Salvos Curated

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Fashion Hound

Part exhibition, Part DIY hub and all parts awesome pop up op shopping SALVOS CURATED was such a hit and I’m super proud to be one of the brains behind it.

Salvos Stores and I joined forces with eco fashion journalist Clare Press to create an eco chic extravaganza.

Spread over 3 days, guests op shopped til they dropped, found incredible high end designer bargains, picked up wonderful DIY and reviving tips with our cool customising gang and engaged in nourishing conversations on how to slow down and be more sustainable with style.

When you shop at a place like Salvos Stores, you not only empower people but you give the planet a hug too.

Fashion can absolutely be a force for good and remember individual impact has power.

Start simply, try op shopping and support a very worthy cause.

Sustainability is sexy and we were so thrilled to show our 500 plus guests that it never ever means sacrificing style.

National Op Shop Week

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Fashion Hound

Joyce is wearing one of my Australian Vogue editorial recreations. All from an Op Shop and no sewing required. Just snipping, some serious layering and a savvy mindset.

Fashion Hound

Inspiration: Deconstructed suiting as seen in the August issue of Australian Vogue


Fashion Hound

DETAILS: Joyce is wearing a white men’s shirt, a bustier that was a sheer bohemian blouse before I got the scissors to it. The bottom half has two layers…a oversized and outdated grey pinstripe skirt that I sliced right up the middle and wrap around Joyce. The houndstooth piece is actually a vest that I decided to have her wear as a skirt, secured in place at the side with brooch bling.

Fashion Hound

Salvos Stores versus Dior…this look is inspired by the current season 2017 collection which is all about denim, black, lace and berets so thats the pieces I hunted for…so love what I came up with,

Fashion Hound

DIOR-able! Its the 70th anniversary of the iconic French couture house this year and the National Gallery in Melbourne has an exhibition to celebrate. For this look I was inspired by Dior tailoring from the 50’s. Again no sewing was required, I simply fashioned an oversized mens tweed blazer into a bustier…wrapping the sleeves around the waist and securing in place with vintage brooches.

Fashion Hound

Inspiration: The article in Vogue that sparked my imagination

Fashion Hound

Teamed with classic black pieces which have modern accents to create a cool contrast. The accessories convey a nod to aesthetics of DIOR past Cats eyes, vintage chandelier earrings and prim and proper shaped pumps All from Salvos Stores

Fashion Hound

Op Shopping is not just a game for the girls, there are so many goodies to be found for the boys Dom did the styling himself, was so great to see a guy interpret the trends with second hand!


Fashion Hound Fashion Hound

I like to think it’s every week, but no doubt about it, it’s super exciting that today kicks off the official start of National Op Shop Week.

When you shop sustainably at a thrift store not only do you save money and mother nature you support the vital work charities like the Salvation Army carry out.

Salvos Stores is the retail division of the army and every year these op shops around the country raise millions of dollars to empower people…people that may be homeless, dealing with addiction, depression, family issues or even a natural disaster.

All these clothes you see here I found at Salvos Stores a few short weeks ago and I love nothing more to show you just how stylish second hand can be.

My inspirations for all the ladies looks were current Australian Vogue editorials and the 70th Anniversary of DIOR.

High Fashion looks for (way more than) half the price!

To set you on your way here are 3 of my favorite op shopping tips



Spend time exploring the world wide web, look at street style, fashion publications, blogs, read magazines – Vogue has taught me a lot – explore fashion history, take an interest in style.

The more you know the better you can become at recreating all those expensive and divine designer looks.

For example, take a look at Chanel…what is this iconic French fashion house famous for?

Well my little thrift-anistas

Founder Coco Chanel made pearls, tweed jackets and quilted bags with chain straps famous. To this day, these elements are there in every collection creative director Karl Lagerfeld delivers.

So if you want a slice of the Chanel pie without the big spend then take some inspiration pictures with you and hunt for these items in your local op shop.

Start with a simple white tee and distressed denim, then add a chic black heel, black tweed blazer, a string of pearls and a replica quilted bag, et voila designer on a dime!

I can easily find this look for $50 in an op shop, sometimes even less.


When op shopping I always aim to seek out superior fabrics, cuts and details. Most of us can tell when something seems a little bit special, keep an eye out for those pieces.

Natural fibres like silk, wool, leather and linen will always hold their shape and last season after season, so if you see these definitely take a closer look.

If you find a piece that’s synthetic, thats no problem just make sure it has nice structure and looks well made.

Choosing quality over quantity is the simplest way to look effortlessly more expensive without having to break the bank, so is my next tip…


Treat op shopping like a normal shopping experience, don’t just buy a bunch of stuff because its cheap, be discerning. Think about what you really need and would honestly wear, what suits your lifestyle and your shape.

Hunt for classic pieces like a great blazer, cool distressed denim, a stripe tee, black skinnies, a pencil skirt or a trench coat.

These pieces are timeless and will work season after season, when you have a basic palate you can inject trends and your personalty from there by way of accessories and accents.

Oh and don’t forget to shop the whole store not just your section, I’m a huge fan of mens vintage tees and oversized crisp white collared shirts.

Borrowing from the boys is a great way to go.

Then you can add in color and print from there, think a leopard print scarf, a pop of red in a stiletto or statement bling.


Diving into a little bit of DIY is a super easy way to emulate the trends for less

When you break down a lot of the runway and celebrity looks, they can be quite simple.

Gucci’s patchwork denim and embellished bags, big time florals at Balenciaga, fringing at Fendi, if you ask me why would you spend $1000 for the privilege when you can do it yourself?

Hit your local op shop, snap up a preloved denim jacket and then have a look at your local craft store for cool patches, then all you need is some craft glue and a few simple stitches to hold them in place.

Apply the same theory to a bag…

Find a piece that has a designer feel (and you’ll know because you’ve been applying tip #1) and add some patches on

Some of Gucci’s current bags have the word LOVED embellished on them, Lincraft and Spotlight has had these iron on letters for literally decades, so get amongst it.

A $50 spend or less for sure my lovelies.

I also just recreated the deconstructed suiting featured in the August edition of Australian Vogue, all from Salvos Stores finds. Check out the pics in this blog post.

Snipping an over sized skirt and outdated blouse, adding in a mens white shirt and even turning a houndstooth vest into another skirt to layer over the top

No sewing was required, it looked super high fashion yet was a total spend of $50.


Apart from altering your perception about op shops (they are totally filled with modern and on trend pieces) altering your clothes is a nifty little trick to look super chic on a budget.

I’ll give you an example of my own

I found an authentic DIOR homme mens suit jacket at a Sydney Salvos Store and the fabric and cut was so sublime. It fit me perfectly through the body, but it was a little big on the shoulders.

Rather than dismissing it, I had my trusty dressmaker slightly adjust it in this area and it then became a perfect fit

The blazer cost me $30, Jan’s dressmaking services cost me $15…so I scored a stunning designer piece for just under $50!

Tailoring to suit still ends up being way cheaper than the original price of the designer item.

Minimal spend, maximum bang for your buck…and by the way op shopping is one of the best things you can do for the planet.

So get amongst it this week and op shop til you drop!!

Green Gang

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

National Op Shop Week is upon us…hence my terrible delay in posting…I’ve been so flat out that now I have the (fashion) flu.

But as a soldier of style we press on.

So National Op Shop Week is kinda like the Oscars for us eco kids, it’s a chance to showcase why thrift shopping is such a wonderful thing to do for people and the planet, support the mission of charities like the Salvation Army and best of all blow your mind with how pretty preloved can be.

To celebrate, Salvos Stores and I have been so busy with events, workshops and photo shoots like these up and down the Aussie coast.

We want you to see that second hand never has to mean sacrificing style.

So I gathered together prominent bloggers, models and celebrities in the cities on our journey so far – Brisbane and Townsville – to show you

For the Brisbane #GreenGang I teamed up with

Super cool Katie from@stealthespotlight

Curvy goddess @clairseymour

Stunning Sonia from @sonish_space

Mega babe Marie from @thebrisbanegirl

I challenged the girls to style simple pieces like mens black blazers and denim jeans in their own unique way by customising

Then we added lashings of op shop bling

All the girls love to thrift and have a mindful approach to fashion which makes me like them even more

Definitely check out their instagram profiles to learn more about what they do

In Townsville I gathered together curvy model Michelle and petite model Kelsey from Sia Model Management and the lovely Heidi, who is the co host of breakfast radio on Star 1063

May I also say she has one of the best heads of hair I’ve ever seen…part Carrie Bradshaw part Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin!

I found brand new with tags Diane Von Furstenberg for Heidi, a vintage flying suit from the 70’s for me, Salvos Staff’er Beaux customised Michelle’s tee into a couture worthy offering with all those sexy slits and Kelsey rocked a blinged up romper

Absolutely everything you see in these photos is second hand from Salvos Stores and I hope proves the theory that thrift is definitely the new black

When you shop at a store like this you empower people, support the mission of a charity and tread a little lighter on our sweet mother earth

Get amongst it August 27-Sept 2 and Op Shop til you drop

One Sweater 5 Ways

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Fashion Hound

The hurried up hare may have thought he was a sure thing to win the race, but turns out the slow and steady tortoise was the guy with the real tale to tell. Gather round gorgeous ones because children’s folklore has a surprisingly strong message for us style peeps too. Fast is never worth the furious pace in the end, nor is cutting corners over quality or producing quantity that’s beyond a joke. Putting the breaks on our fashion choices is not only a better choice for the environment but it will end up saving you money too.

To be sustainably stylish on a budget try being a thrift-anista. Op shopping, charity stores and thrift havens are great go-to’s for fantastic fashion at a fraction of the normal retail price and the take home is that by shopping here you help people less fortunate. Second hand online portals like Ebay, Amazon and Gumtree are another great way to shop consciously.

If you are happy to spend a little more, there are so many stunning new and consciously created labels to invest in.

Take Victoria and Woods for example, the quality of this ethically accredited Australian made label is exceptional. All the pieces are timeless, classic and super wearable. This is fashion design definitely worth the investment, Viktoria and Woods is built to last and to be loved season after season.

To show you, I played dress ups with one sweater from the current collection and styled it in 5 different ways. Most of the other pieces I teamed it with are also from the line but I mixed and matched it with some of my own wardrobe.

When you have great quality staples you really don’t need fast fashion fixes week in week out.

Pick a few signature pieces and really make them work for their money.

I hope these looks inspire you to live a little more simply, slowly and say yes to less

It actually ends up being so much more.

Fashion Hound

  1. Try the sweater relaxed over a simple black dress or skirt, teamed with chic sneakers and a classic coat to ward off the cold.

Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

Fashion hound

Fashion Hound

2. The corset belt continues to be a huge trend, give a sweater attitude by cinching it in & contrasting with a bold hue like mustard.

Fashion Hound

3. A cool custom bomber and statement bling breaths new life into classic sweater vibes, heels or sneakers look just as sweet.

Fashion Hound

4. Give it Paddington Preppy by adding a Peter Pan collar underneath your sweater, white is classic but don’t be scared to try print.

Fashion Hound

5. Elevate a simple sweater by teaming with a skirt, belt and statement scarf or collar. I added a stunning vintage family heirloom.

Fashion Hound

Celine Sunglasses and Lacoste sneakers throughout also sold at Viktoria and Woods

Thanks to David for the pics