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Repeat, Reuse, Replay however you want to sing the song sustainability is where it’s at.

We just can’t keep making new stuff without thinking about what to do with the stuff we already have and no longer need.

Rewind back to the 80’s when VHS tapes reigned supreme, what do we do with all of them now? Well thankfully there are some eco chic kids who care and have found a fashionable way to re-release their glory. Tropicca is a clever Brazilian brand who takes these old tapes and weaves them with natural fibres into super cute clutches like the one I have in these pics, gorgeous right. Just goes to show you that a simple shift in perception can be a creative force for good.

In fact my whole outfit is reused clothing and all from Salvos Stores

A vintage army shirt from the 70’s

White jeans that I customised myself (they had a super scary mid crop flare that I really wasn’t feeling, but the fit and fabric is fantastic so I gave them a chance to shine once more)

My white sneakers were $1 and still had the tags on them

Imagine what else we could replay if we simply put our mind to it

 Grab your clutch here 

Pics by Bryan Marden