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If it wasn’t obvious by now, I clearly adore fashion. I love the beauty, form, fabrics, the way things fall and most of all

The story style can tell.

What I don’t like however is that sometimes it can make us feel that we if we can’t afford the biggest and the best, that we don’t fit in. Style can segregate.

A quick #instastalk around the blogosphere will show you countless cuties wearing the latest Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga and beyond but honestly how do they afford it and really the big question is do they need it all?

While I have a few investment pieces I treasure, its not feasible for me to have every single slice of designer that emerges from the catwalks and couture houses. Not sure I could cope even if I could #Glambulance

Thankfully with the emergence of the share economy now I don’t have to.

Today you can rent, return, swap and shop designer sustainably. Honestly its so good.

I found this classic black Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress for $75 on Gumtree. This iconic dress normally retails for around $500. Gumtree is an incredible sustainable online shopping platform, that I’ve only recently discovered has thousands of designer fashion listings. Gucci, Givenchy, the gangs all there!

Speaking of Gucci, isn’t my blush pink bag just gorgeous. Well instead of paying nearly 3k I rented it for 2 days from

The Luxe Collection.

This is a genius Australian owned company that gives you a slice of the high life for a fraction of the price. Its a beautiful example of sustainable style in action.

See! It’s not about how much you spend or all the sparkly things you have

I say being savvy is the new black


Pics by Bryan MardenĀ