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Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Enjoying the last few beach days down at Bondi before it gets too cold. There’s something so grounding about the sand between your toes, seeing the sun as it sets or rises and the water washing your feet clean.

It’s one of my favorite things to do on my self love list

If you don’t have one of them I highly recommend crafting one! Write down all the things that make you feel good and love yourself enough to do at least one of them a day.

One of the other activities on my list is creating, I love DIY projects and this vintage levi’s jacket is my latest muse. Patchwork is everywhere and these pieces were all found on my overseas travels.

She’s a S and for sale, if you’d like her. Will also be making other sizes, some vintage army pieces and pretty upcycled accessories…all sustainable and #ecochic

For now you can contact me here, on instagram or facebook if you would like one


Thanks to Miss Anna for the lovely pics