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Gurrrrl grey doesn’t have to mean gloomy it can warm even the coldest of fashion hearts and let me tell you in this NYC weather anything helps! I so enjoy a tone on tone moment, layering different textures and fabrics in the same hue is a hot look. It’s a sneaky way to look super expensive but if you thrift your loot you can easily bring it in for under $100, especially if you steal your sweet friends coat 😉

I looked for the jeans first which were $8. I already had a $10 thrifted Calvin Klein collared shirt, so I ploughed through my local 46th St store for the rest. A great Ralph Lauren cable knit for $10 and another Calvin Klein piece, a lovely pinstripe jacket was $15. I even found the boots at the Salvation Army for $12. I added a pop of eggplant perfection with my beloved Coach bag. The frosting on this fashion cake is of course the divine vintage jewels from Sheri at the Show Place.

This is a super easy look to achieve yourself, just follow the Fashion Hound prompts 😉

Kisses to Karolina for the pics and her glorious coat

Grey area? Clearly not in this style story