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 I never imagined that offering someone the seat next to me could have turned into such a sweet friendship. Meet Karolina, a girl as cool as her Carrie Bradshaw curls. It was fashion that initially bought us together but during my time here in New York she has fast become of my favorite things about the city. Apart from the fact that every where we go people think she’s Sarah Jessica Parker, she’s always wearing something to start a conversation.Take this coat – it looks soooo expensive right but lady did me proud by sourcing it from the Salvation Army for under $20! Sure surpised the hell outta me when she told me, not to mention the sales girls in DVF! I think with this jacket alone we coverted them all to thrift shopping. No prizes for guessing she’s a stylist with swagger like this, but I love how Karolina works in pre loved pieces to stand apart from the crowd. One of a kind style, one of a kind girl



Pics by me, taken in the meat packing district NYC