NYC Vintage

The Sweater Song

I love myself a fashion dichotomy – a decadent mix of the sartorially unexpected. Leather and lace, army fatiques firing amongst sparkles and sequins, a ball…
Faye De Lanty
August 29, 2012
Fashion Hound DIY


If there’s two things I dig in the world it’s converse wheels and wonderful quotes. So when I bought these black leather bad boys in NYC I…
Faye De Lanty
August 21, 2012
Fall from lace Vintage

Fall from lace

Long, lean, black and made of lace…let’s be honest that’s always in style right! It’s a simple, sexy silhouette that flatters the form and will…
Faye De Lanty
August 21, 2012
Vintage Vintage

Time to Shine

Simple clean lines, stunning shiny details and decadent texture clashing…sweet fashion poetry if you ask me. I’m loving the brocade vibe of this vintage blazer…
Faye De Lanty
August 20, 2012
Killer Vintage Vintage

Between the Buttons

Do you have certain items in your wardrobe that without a doubt define your aesthetic? Are you a heels hound, an absolute bag aficionado, a jean genie perchance…
Faye De Lanty
August 15, 2012