Eco Fashion

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Here are 5 scary facts for you fashion kids…

1. It is estimated that more than 1 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year to landfill sites

2. In every step of the clothing production process exists the possibility of environmental impact

3. Cotton accounts for 1/4 of all the pesticides used in the USA, this is more than any other crop and 5 out of the 9 pesticides that are used are KNOWN cancer causers.

4. It’s not just in the field that cotton causes issues, during the production and treatment process more chemicals are added including petroleum, heavy metals and formaldehyde

5. Unfairly paid textile workers who spend hours sanding jeans can contract terrible lung diseases. These illnesses are caused by the blue (chemical filled) dust that is a direct result of such an unpleasant chore.

So wouldn’t you say it’s time to think a lot more about what we clothe ourselves in and to have an awareness of the lifecycle of our garments?!

I’m loving this jeans label I have discovered Reuse Jeans  these clever kids use discarded fabric from the textile waste stream and create slick sustainable jeans that are made up of 80% recycled denim material. All the cool cats are there – reworkedrainbow skinnies, rad reborn bellbottoms (pictured), reconstructed bootcut babies and even some refashioned tie dye friends(my fav!)

Fashion Food for thought, no!