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I believe in the fashion underdog 

Re-loving the discarded and giving it another shot at a stylish life 

I see the opportunity in a shoulder pad and get a genuine buzz from a beautiful fabric, a cool cut, a vintage vibe. 

It begs the question, how can I make it modern and heck why can’t I!? 

This stems from a time when I really didn’t have a choice…I was a nomad on not much of a budget 

The more I created my op shop outfits because of necessity the more I realised my eco chic concept was actually a thing. 

Thanks to the gods of Instagram I’ve been able to connect with like minded people who are totally on my trip

Allow me to introduce Anita, she’s an actual rocket scientist and has taught me so much about living a zero waste lifestyle 

You know all those small plastic bags we fill with our veggies and fruit at the supermarket? Well switch them out for reusable produce bags 

Love coffee? Well why don’t you stop contributing to the 500 billion disposables that end up in landfill every year and get yourself a keep cup 

Find an epic 80’s power suit then share it with a cool eco sister and give it a slick new look

That’s just what we did 

I took the jacket and teamed it with a slip dress (aka my 10 year old nightie) and a choker moment I made myself 

The high waisted pants were a perfect fit on Anita and as an ode to my favorite city in the world I just so happened to find this killer slogan tee #NewYorker 

If I do say so myself we look super fly and suitably (yep I just did that) on trend. 

Everything sourced from Salvos Stores 

Follow Anita on Instagram @rocket_science seriously you’ll be so inspired 

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