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Happy National Op Shop Week my lovelies!

This week is kind of like the Oscars for us eco kids and it’s a time to celebrate the incredible contribution op shops make to the community

They create jobs and build relationships

Help those less fortunate

Prevent a huge amount of textile waste from going to landfill

And allow charities like my compadres at the Salvation Army to press on with the great work they do

From a fashion perspective they enable us to save money and look a million bucks on a budget

So much yes to that

We are very fortunate to have the support of Ch9’s Today Extra where I get to show you, on a regular basis just how chic second hand can be

You can check out some of the latest segments we’ve done to together in this post

And we have a special one airing this week for National Op Shop Week

Stay Tuned

-Faye x