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Hello my name is Faye and I’m a monochromantic. My love affair with minimalism is at all time high and I’m really not sure how to kick the habit, nor do I want to.

You see, I’ve discovered that it’s a fast track and super quick fix for an instant hit of chic without even trying. Pour me another please!

The more I delve into conscious dressing, it has filtered out into the way I approach life as a whole. I don’t need as much stuff and I’m de-cluttering like its a sport! I want to not only know where my clothes come from but also my food and I’m choosing yoga and pilates over punishing myself at the gym. A self confessed style over do-er in my 20’s, now I’m in love with clean simple lines, lots of white (and black of course), fresh greenery everywhere and effortless, comfortable and uncomplicated clothes.

When you stick to the fashion fundamentals – a capsule wardrobe if you will – dressing becomes so much easier and those dreaded ‘I have nothing to wear’ days dissolve away.

And the best bit, you don’t have to spend a fortune. A look like I’m wearing is super easy to achieve with second hand finds

Here’s how

1. Firstly, set yourself a challenge. Go through your wardrobe and ask yourself what you really wear on a weekly basis. The pieces that always look and feel great. The rest, be brave and say goodbye and better still donate it to your local charity.

3. Create a capsule wardrobe – A capsule wardrobe is a collection of the classic pieces we all need in our wardobe, nothing more nothing less. Think great denim, a timeless trench and leather jacket, great quality basic tees, an LBD, a casual khaki jacket, stripe breton top, pencil skirt, pant suit and beautiful accessories that create limitless options for mixing and matching.

3. Color code and get yourself some nice wooden hangers. Arrange your clothes in blacks, whites, denims, khakis etc and put them on stylish hangers – I love classic wooden hangers, white wood are amazing too. These are next to nothing to buy, I see them at op shops for sale a lot too. I know you probably think I have a huge wardrobe, but I actually just have one rack of neatly organised clothing in my room. My apartment has no storage so it forced me to de-clutter and I’m actually really grateful now because I realised how little I need.

4. Keep it seasonal – In winter, I pack away all my super light summer pieces in a suitcase and store on top of my shoe cabinet and vice versa in summer. Coupled with the color coding and nice hangers, this makes shopping your wardrobe every morning a pleasurable experience. There is space between the clothes – like a retail store and you can see everything you have and it feels lovely to pick from it.

5. Second hand never has to mean second best – My outfit in this post is all second hand. The leather jacket is an upcycled vintage piece, the Alexander Wang bag is borrowed from my friend and the rest I found at the Salvation Army. Treat op shopping like a normal shopping experience and only pick good quality pieces to add to your capsule wardrobe then you can inject the trends and accessorize to mix things up from there. These are great to find at an op shop too

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