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I believe in the underdog.

In life, in love, in fashion…I believe in looking past perception to see glorious potential. While many have given up hope and rendered garments passe, I like to reset the clock and bring back their cool.

So when I meet ecoista’s with a similar ethos I like to stop, collaborate and listen! 

Enter Fiona from sustainable fashion label Fairtale – a very clever girl who is dedicated to recycling and upcycling old glories and vintage our planet already holds. Her 100% handmade clothes are the perfect display of beauty lost and found again with a luscious bohemian feel. #Swoon

[PS Particularly in love with her Kimonos #JustSaying]

So I sniffed out 3 discarded scarves from My Salvos Stores and set her the challenge of giving them a glamorous second chance at life.

Stitching and shaping with her own two hands, Fiona weaved once forgotten girls into a 70’s Stevie Nicks inspired style goddess…seriously how sublime!

Never judge a fashion book by its cover my little Fashion Hounds 😉

When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know

If you’d like your very own ‘Stevie’ of sorts or something else you are dreaming up contact Fiona for custom orders here