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The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire’

I have been holidaying in the incredibly beautiful Mt Shasta, a divinely spiritual and sacred place nestled in the northern Californian Mountains. It’s been time for me to reflect on my journey so far and to set intentions for the new flames I would like ignite into my sphere. With a wonderfully evolved group of people – including my beautiful man – I have hiked, meditated and spent many an hour dancing with fresh springs and waterfalls, watching eagles soar, feeding chipmunks, falling in love with the local arts and crafts and chatting at length to the trees [I know I sound like a hopped up hippy but seriously I highly recommend it]

Yes I took a few much needed fashion hound days off in lieu…but in the end my nose got the better of me!

I’m truly grateful that my passion is now my work and my playtime too so I was excited to find the local thrift store – A super cute little second hand den called¬†New 2 You.

If my time on the job has taught me anything…I headed straight to the mens section to hunt for cool vintage tees and et voila – ¬†hello little boys beauty for $2. A little more sniffing and I spied this amazing pleated vintage maxi for $4.

I love the dichotomy of combining guys and girls gear…shiny with street…so I knew the two would work in really well with each other and become FFF[Fashion Friends Forevz]. Add in my other thrift shop staples – Salvos cropped denim jacket for $10, mock croc carry all also for $10, black shades for $5 and some frosting in the form of crystal neck love. The beautiful angel anklet I’m wearing, I found in a little local Mt Shasta store.

PS How cool is this amazing backdrop. The owner of my hotel told me that it’s where the local fire fighters go to practice putting out fires. Don’t think any amount of water could difuse my passion for playing with pre loved clothes.

What sets you alight?


Thank you to my fairy friend Maeve for taking the pics x