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Calvin Klein men’s shirt $5, Witchery jeans $2, Gucci inspired bag $10 all from the Salvos.

‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance’…Coined by a woman who even decades after her passing is still the ultimate style icon. Coco Chanel knew the power of everlasting luxe and built a global super label around it.

But if a 2.55 (bag) isn’t within your budget don’t worry I got you babe. Sharp style is never about how much you spend, my advice – keep it timeless and you’ll always be on trend.¬† I sourced all these outfits second hand and they are some of my all time, timeless friends.


  1. Find what looks and feels good on you. Don’t let the clothes wear you, wear them with confidence.
  2. Keep your choices simple – on my everlasting luxe list are items like a white collared shirt (I found mine in the mens section of my local thrift store), black slimline jeans, tux jacket, silk slip dress, 2 piece suit, luxe leather handbag, comfy sweater, trench coat and chic sneakers.
  3. Avoid being a slave to fashion trends – classic pieces will always transcend them.
  4. Focus on good grooming, nice nails, polished hair, moisturised skin – taking pride will always elevate your appearance.
  5. Accessorize – seriously belts, bags, brooches – the best! Get to know brand DNA – learn what Lanvin or LV looks like for example. Then when you are thrifting you can keep an eye out for designer-ish pieces like my beautiful Gucci inspired bag I found at the Salvos for $10…real Italian leather, bamboo hardware and all!!
  6. ¬†Details matter – be discerning when thrifting and look for stand out elements…beautiful buttons (or switch them out for fancier ones!), structured shoulders, sublime natural fibres like linen, silk, organic cotton, wool, hemp and crepe. Choose fit and form or have items tailored, be picky even with preloved.
  7. Energy adds to your elegance – smile, be kind, walk tall, practice self love, be of service and if all else fails never underestimate the punch a slick of red lipstick can pack.
Fashion Hound

$10 Vintage Perri Cutten blazer, $5 satin slip, strappy sandals $10


Fashion Hound


two piece suit $20, plaited belt 50c both Salvation Army NYC, borrowed jewels from Sheris Vintage

Fashion Hound

Timeless investment pieces from Viktoria Woods and Valentino