Sea Change

August 24th, 2014 | no comments

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My boyfriend is a huge Bruce Lee fan and being with him has shown me why. While he may have been a master of martial arts he was equally a master of the mind. Bruce knew the power of focused intention and not worrying about what anyone else is doing…just do YOU!

Me is story telling through style, a weird obsession for playing with second hand clothes and of course anything to do with dogs, NYC, feathers or fashion makes my heart dance. So with that in mind it’s time for a sea change to see how my passions can grow and connect in the US…but before I left I did a little fashion hounding by the beach in Manly. Oh my I do enjoy a print clash…even cooler when you can steal the tribal scarf from your man too. Stick to crisp black and whites for a more classic, wearable take.

Authentic DIOR jacket, stripe top and white jeans from the Salvos | Necklace made by me | Upcycled bag made from tyres and Salvos clothing by CROP DESIGN


Thanks to the lovely Freddy Choo for the pics x

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