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Wonder woman

February 28th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion Hound We are f**king super heros when you think about it! We can walk in horrendously uncomfortable heels and mend from matters of the heart that hurt even more, juggle jeans and careers so tight that they can sometimes cut off our circulation, paint our nails in a moving car whilst carrying out more than one poignant conversation – twisting and turning more than Ayrton Senna, mask a bloated (that time of the month) belly with a well accessorized smile and a maxi and in my case, master a thrift store trip with $3 in my pocket to prove it! I’m surrounded by stellar sistas…so today let’s all give ourselves a sartorial shout out! (and some sound alliteration to boot)

Wonder woman

Vintage tee

Fashion Hound



Thanks to the wonder man Arrnott Olssen for the sneaky pics

Time for Tee

January 10th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion Hound


Let us pause in a moment of silence people… to sing praise for a glorious garment that’s been donning the style icon hat for decades now.

 Never one to shy away from a collaboration…see – great with a skirt, even greater under a tux, and greatest of the all time great classics-it is a bonafide bedfellow of the baby denim blues (see – another style icon and might I add quite a cheeky one for such behaviour). Hell sometimes, this cat even cameo’s in the dress department (I’ll let you decide if such a daring feat is fabulous or in fact fashion suicide)… But I digress.

 Not content with one coquettish veil, this piece de resistance workshops many a look, let’s break them down shall we…there’s

The common garden variety v neck

The evergreen, ever comfy vintage hybrid

Miss can’t keep her mouth shut slogan species

The I’ve been stolen from the boyfriend gender bender and in light of 21century eco consciousness – don’t panic its also goneorganic.

But my friends we haven’t even touched on fabric yet – oi vey!

Now in a parallel universe, far away from the style galaxy this would be considered controversial and well quite frankly a little tarty. However in this world, it is without a doubt one of the 7 wonders. See, great wall of china…yeah not so great after all are you. Can you Sir mix it up this much like it ain’t no thang?

And on the third day fashion god created the t-shirt.

Mark 14 verse 3 and Jesus said ‘Ye shall wear thee for eterni-tee’… and the people rejoiced, for this was good’

 Now pray tell, how do you take your tee?

Phoning in a friend

January 7th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion friends

For those days when you can’t be assed but you feel like you’ve grown a second one, we all need fashion friends on speed dial to save the (I’m feeling like a fatty boombalatie) day!  When the holidays have taken over may I suggest you call in the harem pant people. Super comfy, slouchy and in a slinky fabric to hide all sins. Mine accompanied me out for drinks the other night but they also mentioned they might like to make a midrif cameo down at the beach soon –  once the buddha belly has gone down 🙂

Fashion friends

Just Saying


White as a feather

November 18th, 2012 | no comments


 There’s something so whimsical about white feathers, they just make everything more fabulous.

P.S. White is the new black and I do love it in the tux variety, however in my fashion hounding for one I found the majority made me look like I needed a bunsen burner and some test tubes on standby. A doctor of fashion I may be but do I need to look like one! So I was really excited to find this second hand beauty with just a dash of cream mixed into the equation, even more perfect for the DIY experiment that I’d been dreaming of. Inspired by this big budget Elizabeth&James blazer, I grabbed a trusty needle, thread and a few metres of feather strung and fashioned this little number.

(Style) X=MC (Feather) Squared

Faye x

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound DIY


Fashion Hound DIY


 Pics and video by David Sheerman

Red Carpet Green Dress

November 12th, 2012 | no comments

84th Academy Awards

Let it be known that Suzi Amis Cameron(wife of Avatar director James)is my new sh-ero! This super clever lady is the brains behind ‘Red Carpet Green Dress‘. A wonderful contest which challenges designers to create a gown made entirely of sustainable materials, with the winning design worn on the Oscars red carpet.

84th Academy Awards

Missi Pyle wore last years winner which was designed by Delfino. Valentina Delfino made her dress from cruelty free ‘Peace silk’, recycled polyester, a sustainable zipper and natural mineral dye.


Samata Angel (Global Campaign Director) Vivienne Westwood and creator Suzi Cameron

This years comp is underway and the one and only Vivienne Westwood is the mentor and judge. “We are at war with our environment and our future is unsteady,” proclaims Westwood. “In order for a shift to occur we must make informed decisions to live more harmoniously with our planet, and I’ve joined Red Carpet Green Dress because its message aligns with this idea’.

Cannot wait to see who wears the winning dress at the 85th Academy Awards in February 2013 – stay sustainably tuned!

-Faye x

Under the bridge

November 8th, 2012 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Sometimes it’s great to get out and just take a walk, see the sound on the street, feel the vibe through your feet! While on acraft-ernoon with my wonderful photographer Lee, we strolled down a set of city stairs and discovered life, light and music under the bridge.

Vegan friendly footwear by Shoe Envy…. and the envy you will be, because we are GIVING AWAY A PAIR to one lucky Fashion Hound Follower! Head to the facebook page for all the competition details – Faye x


‘I drive on her streets, cause she’s my companion. I walk through her hills cause she knows who I am’





Eco Edit

August 13th, 2012 | no comments

Fashion Hound I spy with my little style eye some very tasty eco treats! Served up for your shopping pleasure is my pick of what’s really saucy, sustainable and ready to shop right now. Each piece I have selected is current season and from a label that engages in a more conscious production or brand ethos…so really it’s a win win fashion kids! Read on for a snap shot of each brand and be inspired.

Disclaimer: Please note this list is not in order of preference – that would be like picking my favourite puppy! But I do however promote the wearing of all items…in fact I can see many a sweet ensemble with said pieces. Dress with boots, tee with jeans, clutch with pants, turquoise cuff in the buff…have I said enough!?

Reformation is an environmentally sustainable NYC brand that I’ve cottoned on to recently (yep punn intended). These clever kids repurpose vintage and surplus materials to create chic, limited edition pieces. This devine kimono inspired dress makes me wanna get my 70′s it girl on so bad!

Anyone that knows me understands that a Vintage Stones Tee or any of it’s vintage rock tee related cousins for that matter can invoke a serious fashion heart attack pour moi. It’s a sartorial staple in my style book and this one from What Goes Around Comes Around is killer. Call me a ‘Glambulance‘ now.

So loving these electric blue ‘stem’ huggers from Stella MacCartney and they’ve got side zip pockets to boot. Stella is certainly a trail blazer in the sustainable style space, she doesn’t use any animal products or conduct any testing and is heavily involved in environmental practices in production and throughout her business – in fact in 2011 her label diverted 14.4 tonnes of waste from landfills which she recycled and re-used. These saucy little Zebra booties are from Stella McCartney too but be quick because they are on sale people! Safari so good-y!

Why buy a new pair of jeans when you can look as slick as f**k in a Vintage pair of Levi’s from They don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Edun Poem Scarf. Edun is the label founded by U2′s Bono and his wife Ali – it was born out of a commitment to encourage trade with Africa. The proceeds from this pretty 100% cotton scarf are sent to support the Horn of Africa drought relief efforts.

The Ecoist recycled candy wrapper clutch – eco confectionary genius right there. Ecoist is an amazing American brand that recycles chocolate wrappers, chip packets, soft drink bottles, cans and ring pulls into pretty little style pieces. Sweet! ;)

Main picture Bohemian clothing and jewellery from Tree of Life  and Tree of Life Butterfly turquoise cuff. I have been a huge fan of this Aussie label for years now…it rests peacefully in my gypsy fashion heart – a haven for beautiful bohemian things and with an ethical mindset for manufacture and trade, tree of life makes me a very happy Fashion Hound.

Go get your eco on gals

-Faye x