Time for Tee

Fashion Hound


Let us pause in a moment of silence people… to sing praise for a glorious garment that’s been donning the style icon hat for decades now.

 Never one to shy away from a collaboration…see – great with a skirt, even greater under a tux, and greatest of the all time great classics-it is a bonafide bedfellow of the baby denim blues (see – another style icon and might I add quite a cheeky one for such behaviour). Hell sometimes, this cat even cameo’s in the dress department (I’ll let you decide if such a daring feat is fabulous or in fact fashion suicide)… But I digress.

 Not content with one coquettish veil, this piece de resistance workshops many a look, let’s break them down shall we…there’s

The common garden variety v neck

The evergreen, ever comfy vintage hybrid

Miss can’t keep her mouth shut slogan species

The I’ve been stolen from the boyfriend gender bender and in light of 21century eco consciousness – don’t panic its also goneorganic.

But my friends we haven’t even touched on fabric yet – oi vey!

Now in a parallel universe, far away from the style galaxy this would be considered controversial and well quite frankly a little tarty. However in this world, it is without a doubt one of the 7 wonders. See, great wall of china…yeah not so great after all are you. Can you Sir mix it up this much like it ain’t no thang?

And on the third day fashion god created the t-shirt.

Mark 14 verse 3 and Jesus said ‘Ye shall wear thee for eterni-tee’… and the people rejoiced, for this was good’

 Now pray tell, how do you take your tee?