What’s in a name?

selfridges-no-noise-nologo-bagC’mon let’s not beat around the fashion bush – we’ve all done it! The ‘I’m a fancy pants dance because I just bought something that cost a months rent and hey I’ve got a fancy bag to prove it!’

My homeboy Shakespeare says it well… ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’…so my sweet friends how does the unadulterated Selfridges bag above grab you, as saucy? (Is it just me or does the bag seem happier?!)

Ah the power of branding, the seduction of expensive, the hierarchy of a moniker – what does it say about us, if anything, but we are all a slave to status. I’ve definitely been guilty of it – being blinded by the label.

So it was of significant interest to me to hear about Selfridges No Noise campaign. From now til the end of feb Selfridges are doning their birthday suit and going nameless – shameless! ;) Other brands stripping off and doing the de-branding nudie run are Beats by DreCreme de la merLevi’s and Marmite. They’ve even got a silence room where you can check out from the check out and chill the f**k out! As a keen meditator that is music to my no name beats by dre ears!

What say you? Have you fallen prey to pretty labels?