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Preloved Petals and Plastic Bottles









R13She hails from the 70’s and travelled all the way from the UK to wrap her happy self around my hips.

I mean how could you not smile even on the darkest of days with preloved petals so pretty. This is the power of fashion, it can change our state with a mere stroke of its sartorial wand but it also has the power to create change if we let it.

A beautiful story of sustainability fuels the mother and daughter team the Adorned Duo, carefully selecting and reworking vintage and thrift clothing in their little home in the North East.

It was a chance meeting on instagram and as soon as her vintage-ness arrived I wanted to take her out dancing amongst the fall afternoon light, why not right!?

And doesn’t she just team up effortlessly with the inc-RED-ible clutch, which might I add is vegan and lined avec 100% recycled plastic bottles – shop her here

Conscious style has got me all like…!

Thanks to Jay Lee for the pics and Mr Noodle for the cameo