Wonder woman

Fashion Hound We are f**king super heros when you think about it! We can walk in horrendously uncomfortable heels and mend from matters of the heart that hurt even more, juggle jeans and careers so tight that they can sometimes cut off our circulation, paint our nails in a moving car whilst carrying out more than one poignant conversation – twisting and turning more than Ayrton Senna, mask a bloated (that time of the month) belly with a well accessorized smile and a maxi and in my case, master a thrift store trip with $3 in my pocket to prove it! I’m surrounded by stellar sistas…so today let’s all give ourselves a sartorial shout out! (and some sound alliteration to boot)

Wonder woman

Vintage tee

Fashion Hound



Thanks to the wonder man Arrnott Olssen for the sneaky pics