White as a feather


 There’s something so whimsical about white feathers, they just make everything more fabulous.

P.S. White is the new black and I do love it in the tux variety, however in my fashion hounding for one I found the majority made me look like I needed a bunsen burner and some test tubes on standby. A doctor of fashion I may be but do I need to look like one! So I was really excited to find this second hand beauty with just a dash of cream mixed into the equation, even more perfect for the DIY experiment that I’d been dreaming of. Inspired by this big budget Elizabeth&James blazer, I grabbed a trusty needle, thread and a few metres of feather strung and fashioned this little number.

(Style) X=MC (Feather) Squared

Faye x

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound DIY


Fashion Hound DIY


 Pics and video by David Sheerman