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July 18th, 2018 | no comments
Fashion Hound

Our gorgeous workshop set up in Melbourne, all styled with what we found in the Abbotsford Salvos store.


Fashion Hound

My gorgeous models at our Brisbane workshop. I restyle, upcycled, sliced and diced their looks all from the Salvos.


Fashion Hound

I found all these fantastic items on the $2 rack, then created looks from the collection. Definitely check out the Clearance aisle in your local op shop, you’ll be surprised what you find.

Fashion Hound

The scarf I’m wearing is actually a piece of scrap material from the haberdashery section. Wear it anyway you please, I always love an asymmetrical look, then secure in place with lashings of vintage brooch bling.


Fashion Hound

So thrilled that Ch9 came to support our zero waste message!

Fashion Hound

Zero Waste Workshop Ready…found all these gorgeous items at the Salvos in under 10 minutes too!

Fashion Hound

A few of the looks from the $2 rack as well as some customisation. I reinvented Anita’s Salvos finds with old buttons.

Fashion Hound

Incredible interest in the zero waste wisdom…it’s so wonderful to see us all stepping up.

Fashion Hound

Zero Waste Warriors. Lovely Anthia in the middle is wearing two pieces from the $2 rack…yep that gorgeous plaid jacket and black dress is a grand total of $4!! (Incidentally she is the organic tea queen and an incredible naturopath who totally saved my health!) Anita is rocking my customised old button ensemble…everything you see us wearing is from the Salvos.

Well what a whirlwind few weeks its been in the zero waste world!

To celebrate Plastic Free July Salvos Stores and I headed up and down the coast with the lovely Anita Van Dyke to host a series of workshops. We showed the sustainable community in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney how to go from excess to eco luxe with ease and it was absolutely wonderful. I of course spoke about zero waste fashion and along the way gave myself some really fun challenges to walk the talk. We dressed ourselves from each location, I shopped the $2 rack and our warehouses to put together my signature preloved pretty.

Check out the captions on each image for a little bit more of an insight into how I put everything together

Here’s a few take homes as well

  1. Throw the size book out the window and just try things! I see an op shop as a license to play and be creative, the only limit is your imagination
  2. Use designer references…whenever I’m eco styling there is usually a high end label or look I love in mind…its a great guideline to getting nifty thrifty
  3. Try interesting print clashes, special details like gold buttons and choose superior tailoring to take your second hand outfits from simple to sizzling in an instant


Check out Anita’s work here and Anthia’s here 

Chicks For Change

March 12th, 2018 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion that not only feels good, it does good…totally what the world needs now more than ever no!?

I feel so blessed to work in a space where it’s all about style being a force for change and in this instance

CHICKS FOR CHANGE to be exact.

May I introduce you to a wonderful campaign focused on empowering women in developing countries thanks to the Australian Salvation Army.

Easter is upon us, so for the month of March you can buy a $5 box of little yellow chicks for all your festive decorating needs. Crafter-noons aside though, this $5 does a great deal for women who don’t have all the simple things we take for granted like fresh water, medical care and education.

In support, I decided to put my fashion stamp on it and create two high fashion inspired looks utilising the little chicks.

I looked to the recent fashion week collections in NYC, Milan and Paris and dreamt up two stunning outfits for my girls Colleen and Vidya using all second hand clothing. Customizing was key, turning the chicks into a chic brooch for Colleens blazer and an embellished clutch for Vidya.

I also created Colleen’s on trend fanny pack using a small handbag, necklace, an old earring and a trusty glue gun into a designer inspired piece.

Campaign or not, I hope this inspires you to see fashion as a fantastic way to think outside the box and be you’re own chick for change




Jeans for Genes

August 5th, 2016 | no comments

Jeans for Genes Faye De Lanty

Eco Chic

Rialto Jean Project

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

August 5th is jeans for genes day. Don your denim and help raise much needed funds for research into birth defects and diseases affecting our little ones.

To celebrate I looked back at some of my favorite thrift and vintage denim finds.

The overalls are originals from the 1950’s. My distressed denim jeans are vintage ones (probably late 80’s) I found in upstate NYC for $5, they had a few rips but over time they have become very ripped and I love that! The painted jeans are another great example of denim doing good and are by the Rialto Jean Project.

Jeans are such an incredible wardrobe essential and even better when they can make a difference

To get involved and donate click here

#jeansforgenes #EcoChic

Make Do And Mend

July 1st, 2016 | 2 comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound





Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound Vintage

Whilst whipping up an assortment of leftovers for dinner last night it got me thinking. There was a time when an ethos of make do and mend wasn’t just a modern day sentiment, it was a way of life. In my beloved Grandma’s era when women found a hole in their clothes they got out the needle and thread and mended it. If they only had vegetables and stale bread for tea they made do. 

There was no fast fashion or quick fix and everyone got along fine, in fact they got creative – fashioning and reinventing their wardrobe. They worked with what they had available and made everything they owned go the distance, clothing back then was made with so much more care, time and honor.

It was a crafty way of living that continued into the 70’s when patch working your denim became a talisman for the peace love and hippy culture and then of course there was the devine details of bespoke tailoring of that decade too. I am fortunate enough to still have some of my Dad’s originals. Amazing one of a kind jackets created by the likes of Tommy Nutter on Kings Road and let me tell you not only are they still going strong, I get stopped whenever they are on my back.

(The green velvet jacket in this post is one of the pieces. My Mumma hand embroided the back of it!) 

Thankfully as we slowly begin to tire of being a high street sheep, a resurgence of individuality, personalisation and embellishment is being reborn.

The luxury houses and current runway shows seem to evoke this sentiment as well, with a recent British Vogue coining the phrase haute heirloom – turning heads to handed down, made with love and monogrammed as the must have items.

A mass produced planet is searching for a story with their style. It’s a funny thing though, those rips and tears of yesteryear are now so coveted that they are fabricated and can actually be very expensive, especially if you are paying for the honor of the house of Saint Laurent to distress your denim or Gucci to glam up your coat. So I say do it yourself and save the cash and the eco system.

Thanks to my Mumma, I’ve been a DIY’er for ‘donkies’. All the pics in this post are examples of my DIY work

 Patchwork denim, customised clutches, statement necklaces and chokers. Whilst living in NYC my artist friend Roxanne and I even recreated a 10k hand painted Burberry trench by thrifting an Aquascutum one for $20 and getting our Picasso on. 

Aside from the savings, I recently learnt of the lovely Japanese phrase MOTTAINAI 

It translates to a sense of regret concerning waste. 

MOTTAINAI is an ancient Buddhist word which has ties with the Shinto belief that objects have souls.  

Having had my Dads jackets for over 20 years now I truly see the wisdom in mottanai. They had such a life with him and now they continue their journey with me. Their threads are weaved into my heart and I love that I can carry my story with me, I could simply never part with them. 

So I say dust of your sewing kit and get connected to your clothes.  

Think about where they come from, how you can continue to love and recreate them and what one of a kind style story they can tell 

Why not make it one that grandma would be proud of. 

#FashionHound #EcoChic #Reuse  



Basic to Bombshell On a Budget

June 21st, 2016 | no comments





Thrift Shopping


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Sheris Vintage jewels

Cheap and Chic

Faye De Lanty

Second hand styleSalvation Army

Thrift Shopping

Fashion Hound

Bugger spending a fortune on looking cute, you can easily go from basic to bombshell on a budget.

Style is not about how much you spend, its about savviness and a little sneaky know how

Here’s a few of my money saving style hacks to take you to total bombshell town in a flash.


If you haven’t already try OP SHOPPING or THRIFTING start immediately. Take a look at all the images in this blog post. 95% of it is second hand, the rest is preloved vintage and designer. A lot of it I have upcycled to recreate the crazy expensive designer versions I’ve seen. Does any of it look like it came from a thrift store? Didn’t think so, see I am living breathing proof that you can look totally expensive without having to spend it. Sign up for my newsletter and you can download my free ebook here for free. It has tonnes of tips on how to op shop like its a sport


Take inventory of your own closet, look at what you have and how you could recreate it. Dive into magazines and fashion sites like WhoWhatWear for outfit ideas. A lot of the great style looks we see on celebrities and models are the basics like denim, stripes, black, khaki, leather, lace and white tees. Just those items alone have endless mix and match possibilities. Accessories can give it a fresh approach too.


There are lots of sites now where you can rent gorgeous high end designer pieces for a fraction of their original retail price. So you can have the experience and look amazing for an event without having to go into debt for it. Cool right!? You can rent the dress but own the night! Some of them will even take care of the dry cleaning for you


Learn to DIY and customise. Try adding a feather trim to a black pencil skirt. Dress up a basic clutch with a special pendant or excess/broken jewellery. Embellish a jacket with patches or brooches. Create your own distressed denim with scissors and a cheese grater. Click here to watch my video

Total Babe and you’ll have enough spare to take yourself out for lunch too!

#EcoChic #FashionHound

Travel light

June 6th, 2016 | no comments

Faye De Lanty

New York

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound



Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

New Zealand

Eco Chic

Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

4 countries for 1 month with 1 carry on suitcase.

Crazy? Yes quite likely! Totally freeing? Absolutely!

It’s amazing how much stuff we think we need and I’m the first to admit that I had terrible overpacking – itis.

I used to take a case of epic proportions, half of which I didn’t even wear and the resounding result was a really sore back and wallet from excess baggage charges. I began to ask myself, what’s the point, honestly what am I trying to prove?

Having a job where I work tirelessly to show people that you can absolutely live with less, I thought it was time to see if I could walk that eco talk while travelling overseas. It took me 3 go’s to get my capsule wardrobe down to the right size to fit in to my small carry on, but eventually I did it. On try 1 and 2 I just kept asking myself, do I really need it and will I really wear it?

The TODAY show thought it was quite a mean feat too and decided to do a story about it upon my return

Click here to watch it

Would I do it again for my next trip? You bet ya! It’s so completely liberating to travel light and with less

Here are my Top Tips


Only take great classics and one or two special pieces that you can mix and match. I worked out a smart capsule wardrobe before I set off consisting of pieces like 1 pair of black jeans, blue jeans, a lightweight trench, white tee, an LBD, leather bomber  and denim jacket.


Who says you can’t wear sparkle in the day with denim or that you can’t wear a lightweight trench to make a pair of tracksuit pants a little more sophisticated. Make the pieces you take really work for their money. Be creative


When I was in NYC I borrowed my friends cream trench for walks over the brooklyn bridge. In England I borrowed my Aunties warm coat for walks with the dog in the downs. Lee borrowed my Uncles coat.


If you really need something, like an extra jumper to keep warm like I did in NYC, thrift it. It will save you money, its better for the environment and if its looking like it wont fit in your case on the way home you can always donate it back.


You want garments that are easy to layer, simple to pack and that don’t crease to badly. Denim, silks, sheer fabrics and chiffons or sturdy vintage finds. Wear the bulky stuff on the plane so you can free up room in your suitcase.


Try not to live out of a suitcase. When you arrive in each destination lay out everything you have or hang it up so you can see what you have. Make daily dressing decisions as easy as possible.


A bit of bling adds instant interest and texture to an outfit. A statement pair of earrings or a bold necklace can really dress up and change your look. A feature scarf is a great option to have too, you can layer it and belt it over a trench or jacket, tie it around your neck or bag, or even turn it into a belt. If you are feeling very 50’s you could even wear it on your head for a cool retro look.

A minimalista with maximum fashion effect

Would love to hear your ideas and travel hacks

#EcoChic #LessIsMore #FashionHound

Grandpa Chic

January 7th, 2016 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Eco Chic

Fashion Hound

Eco Chic

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Eco Stylist

Fashion Hound

Slouchy, slept in and seriously comfy. Just when you thought boyfriend jeans were the bomb I’m bringing in GRANDPA CHIC as the one to watch.

An oversized cardigan is a sartorial license to languish in your PJ’s all day but when teamed with sleek jeans, heels and a statement bag it gets turned on its lazy little head. Thrift Stores are filled with large wooly wonders  – I found this one at the Salvation Army for $5, it’s beautiful quality and oh so soft. Wear it drapey and hanging off your shoulder for a whisper of sexy or belt him in for some fine femine lines.

Who knew Grandpa had it goin’ on all along.


A big thank you to Kamila Harris for the wonderful pictures  x

The Sustainable Salon

December 21st, 2015 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Eco Chic

The Sustainable Salon

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound Eco Chic

With a simple shift in mindset and a little scouting around, the utmost in sophistictated and chic design can be created from second hand. As I emerse myself deeper into sustainability I am consistently discovering incredible innovation and heart based businesses. These brands are doing their bit to support our beloved mother nature, backed by their own unique, lovely stories and let me tell you not ever does style become a sacrifice.

As I learn more about the impact fast fashion has on the planet, the more I want to be mindful in all other areas of my life too. From what I eat to what I put on my skin and hair, so thank god for the insta angels because I met the beautiful boys behind The Sustainable Salon.

Seriouly there isn’t enough room on this blog post to count the ways in which I love what Zoran and Diego are doing.

Their salon is 100% sustainable, from the products they use to their ethos and eco upcycled interior design. Think wash basins that were once wine barrels, walls covered in vintage newspapers and magazines from the 20’s to the 60’s, old door frames reimagined as mirrors, discarded timber turned into foot rests and eco chic shelving, gorgeous greenery in recycled pots and glass beakers abounds. They’ve done all the leg work themselves, sourcing their pieces from the side of the road, markets, ebay, second hand havens and op shops. They recycle absolutely everything, their plastics, paper, packaging, metals, the hair even the bowls they mix their chemical free dyes in are made from coconut shells! The also have a fantastic water saving solution system built into their salon powered by Tivok.

(Oh and PS they have a second hand library and hammock to lounge in while your color sets #JustSaying)

So I knew I had to do a 100% eco fashion shoot here, this place is my spirit animal!

Eco interiors, Eco Hair (hello Diego’s 1950’s Hollywood finger waves) Eco clothing from Salvos Stores and Eco accessories by Zefyr Jewels…just to show you that second hand never has to mean second best, it can and should be ineffably chic.



A big thank you to my buddy Bryan Marden for capturing these beautiful images and to Zoran and Diego co-owners of the Sustainable salon…not only does my hair look and feel amazing but I’m truly grateful I have met you both, you are eco inspiration incarnate



Preloved Petals and Plastic Bottles

May 28th, 2015 | no comments









R13She hails from the 70’s and travelled all the way from the UK to wrap her happy self around my hips.

I mean how could you not smile even on the darkest of days with preloved petals so pretty. This is the power of fashion, it can change our state with a mere stroke of its sartorial wand but it also has the power to create change if we let it.

A beautiful story of sustainability fuels the mother and daughter team the Adorned Duo, carefully selecting and reworking vintage and thrift clothing in their little home in the North East.

It was a chance meeting on instagram and as soon as her vintage-ness arrived I wanted to take her out dancing amongst the fall afternoon light, why not right!?

And doesn’t she just team up effortlessly with the inc-RED-ible clutch, which might I add is vegan and lined avec 100% recycled plastic bottles – shop her here

Conscious style has got me all like…!

Thanks to Jay Lee for the pics and Mr Noodle for the cameo


Soho Strolling

September 10th, 2014 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Elizabeth and Bowery

Fashion Hound

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound


As Miss Bradshaw once said ‘That’s the thing about New York, it can go from bad…to cute‘. Granted she was talking about the handsome guy standing next to her in the rain but I’m talking about the streets. One corner you see a crazy dude in a tutu talking to himself the next you find fashion and art nirvana.

I’m still having to pinch myself that I am actually in NYC so I am taking to subway hopping, walking and keeping my nose to the ground as much as possible; I am delighted daily by what I see. The wall art here is many and varied. I really loved this graffiti in Soho because its a total mash up of different stories, ideas and opinions that somehow merged together has become really beautiful to me. It even had half leopard/wolf hounds on it.

I’d also just found the most amazing French wheels [See also: Shoes] reduced by $300 at bargain heaven Century 21 so I had to take them for a spin. Joining me for the ride are comfy thrift shop classics – skinny jeans, shades, a shoulder bag and a stripe tee all from The Salvation Army: Total $30 and perfect for Soho strolling.

Which left me a spare $100 to buy these to die for heels…sometimes a girl has to spoil herself


Thanks to my beloved Lee for taking the pics