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4 countries for 1 month with 1 carry on suitcase.

Crazy? Yes quite likely! Totally freeing? Absolutely!

It’s amazing how much stuff we think we need and I’m the first to admit that I had terrible overpacking – itis.

I used to take a case of epic proportions, half of which I didn’t even wear and the resounding result was a really sore back and wallet from excess baggage charges. I began to ask myself, what’s the point, honestly what am I trying to prove?

Having a job where I work tirelessly to show people that you can absolutely live with less, I thought it was time to see if I could walk that eco talk while travelling overseas. It took me 3 go’s to get my capsule wardrobe down to the right size to fit in to my small carry on, but eventually I did it. On try 1 and 2 I just kept asking myself, do I really need it and will I really wear it?

The TODAY show thought it was quite a mean feat too and decided to do a story about it upon my return

Click here to watch it

Would I do it again for my next trip? You bet ya! It’s so completely liberating to travel light and with less

Here are my Top Tips


Only take great classics and one or two special pieces that you can mix and match. I worked out a smart capsule wardrobe before I set off consisting of pieces like 1 pair of black jeans, blue jeans, a lightweight trench, white tee, an LBD, leather bomber  and denim jacket.


Who says you can’t wear sparkle in the day with denim or that you can’t wear a lightweight trench to make a pair of tracksuit pants a little more sophisticated. Make the pieces you take really work for their money. Be creative


When I was in NYC I borrowed my friends cream trench for walks over the brooklyn bridge. In England I borrowed my Aunties warm coat for walks with the dog in the downs. Lee borrowed my Uncles coat.


If you really need something, like an extra jumper to keep warm like I did in NYC, thrift it. It will save you money, its better for the environment and if its looking like it wont fit in your case on the way home you can always donate it back.


You want garments that are easy to layer, simple to pack and that don’t crease to badly. Denim, silks, sheer fabrics and chiffons or sturdy vintage finds. Wear the bulky stuff on the plane so you can free up room in your suitcase.


Try not to live out of a suitcase. When you arrive in each destination lay out everything you have or hang it up so you can see what you have. Make daily dressing decisions as easy as possible.


A bit of bling adds instant interest and texture to an outfit. A statement pair of earrings or a bold necklace can really dress up and change your look. A feature scarf is a great option to have too, you can layer it and belt it over a trench or jacket, tie it around your neck or bag, or even turn it into a belt. If you are feeling very 50’s you could even wear it on your head for a cool retro look.

A minimalista with maximum fashion effect

Would love to hear your ideas and travel hacks

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