Food for thought

Spiritual Style

Fashion HoundOver the last few weeks…

I’ve been thinking a lot about the connection between spirituality and style.

At first you might consider them counter intuitive right?

A seemingly frivolous outer expressive world mixing with a genre designed to help you with your inner and IN all honesty I’ve felt conflicted.

Especially in this oversaturated ‘influencing’ world with everyone just trying to replicate, recreate and overtake what they’ve seen on another.

Seriously from all the insta-searching, stalking and striving not only are my wrists sore but my soul is too.

As I map out my REVOLUTIONS for the year, I’ve discovered how divinely spirituality and style have worked together and been a total game changer for me.

Slowing down my style was actually quite a fast track way to spiritually transform other elements of my experience…my health, my home and even our holy matrimony 

While my spiritual practice continues to help with self love and evolution – bikram yoga and meditation are my medicine, I’m feeling its time to offer myself and you my sweet followers something more .

Refashion a deeper meaning!?

Not just ‘hey, here’s a cute outfit’ or check out my thrift haul (which can actually be just a form of eco hoarding!?) but the healing side of my journey too.

What I’ve learnt, how I’ve grown and how less has elevated my spiritual experience, expanding my awareness on all levels.

Which I certainly wasn’t expecting!

I’m hoping through the clothes and cool visuals, I can tell an even more conscious story.

Leave a comment on this blog post and tell if this is something you would like to see!? And How would you like to see it?

Can I be of even more service?

In the meantime I thought I’d share some of the simple things I’ve started implementing into my daily routine that are helping me to strike that balance between social media, style and technology and taking time out for self love. I was way over stimulated by the end of 2018 and I felt so burnt out. If we don’t give to ourselves first, we can’t help others right!?.

  1. PERMISSION TO PAUSE – Part of self love mantra for 2019 is to not push myself from the minute I wake up. I’m using the bedtime function on my iphone which reminds me to down tools 45 mins before the time I’ve selected and then wakes me gently at 6am with a beautiful bird sound alarm. I actually thought it was real birds the first time I heard it and I kept sleeping for awhile hahahaha. I then step out of bed, sip on some warm lemon water and start my meditation. After my meditation, I journal for a little bit – writing 5 things I’m grateful for, 5 things I’d like to do today to promote self love and 5 things that would make me happy in 2019. Not a hustle and hurry up list but a holistic to do guide. Then depending on my schedule I will do some exercise – whatever makes me sweat – yoga, walk, run, a free HIIT workout on youtube, I mix it up so I don’t stagnate. I’m eating more consciously too, checking in with what my body really needs to feel strong and focused. Only after that do I activate my phone and work mode.
  2. FEAST ON SOUL FOOD – Every night Lee and I switch off the TV early and tune in to a transformational video or podcast instead. There are many great masters on youtube just waiting to help you and it’s all free – Wayne Dyer, Gabrielle Bernstein, Oprah, Gary Zukav have much to give. Wow, watching this one really shifted things for us.
  3. SET BOUNDARIES – I’ll be the first to admit that I was a scroll-a-holic in 2018 but what I discovered was that it was just spinning my tail feathers and actually stressing me out. I thought I was using the time effectively to research and discover more about my eco fashion journey but it quickly became a comparison trap and disconnection from self. Don’t get me wrong social media is incredible for so many reasons, but now I have a timer on my phone that tells me when I’ve exceeded my insta-limit. I haven’t nailed it yet but I’m slowly breaking the habit.
  4. CONNECT IN – ‘learn to listen with your eyes closed’ (@plantifulsoul) how are you feeling, what does your soul need, how can you be or service? Smile at a stranger, speak softly to yourself, spend time with people who inspire and support you, learn to say NO and YES, trust your intuition. Silence out the energy suckers – whatever or whomever that may be for you. Get out in nature, converse with a dog or cat – they are the coolest. Choose clothing that connects you back to community and our eco system. Feel your feelings – the good and the bad – be kind.
  5. HOW MAY I SERVE?  – I read this question in a Deepak Chopra book years ago and it changed everything for me. It was after that moment, that I began to work towards a more conscious career. What could you put in place to feel more purpose IN and OUT? All these elements have been encouraging me to slow down way past my wardrobe, ask questions and speak more authentically – I’m excited to see the way such practices will shift my look in 2019. Has sustainable style been a spiritual experience for you too? Sending you all eco chic blessings x