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Ode to the British Guard

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Is it just me or is the British Guard the most stylish brother you ever did see!? Shoulders so sharp you could slice bread with them, the boldest of brilliant red, just the right amount of pristine white and contrasting black… and don’t even get me started on the head gear…I would totally rock that should the occasion ever arise #JustSaying. I took these pics of the British Guard while in my hometown London a few years back and ever since I have been looking for a red jacket to rival this sublime style. It had to be just so and of course with the signature military buttons just like this boy. So it was like winning the fashion lottery when I found her and would you believe for $12 at the Salvos!! Yep nearly passed out and cried. Now keeping calm and carrying on, I have teamed her with my thrifted cashmere white jumper ($8), superfine jeans ($10), slick stilettos and trusty¬†eco it bag. Et¬†voila my ode to the British Guard.

It’s funny you know, I didn’t even realise at the time of styling this outfit the subconscious influence this chap has had on me until I stumbled upon the photos I had taken. I love how our personal style takes shape like that and is governed by what we see around us, what pleases us, what inspires us and what is a part of our story.

Now all I need is a Royal Corgi Fashion Hound. Do stop by for tea.

‘Alright Darlin’

Thanks to Freddy Choo for the pics of me x