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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

 Peter Pan penned it beautifully… for to have faith is to have wings…so while we are carving out our pathway, why not work them into your outfit as well.

 While I would gladly rock wings errrrday should life be a never never land, one must find a way to make things a little more fashion forward….so here’s my style shout out to the angelic community at large.

Enter thrift shop feathered finery, flying around with worn in vintage denim…the perfect dichotomy I do believe.

She be givin it street.

This is such a go to style trick for me, teaming the pretty with the plain, the luxe with the low key. Think sequins with army greens, leather with lace, faux fur with falling apart jeans. Seriously that’s happiness right there, I’m sorry it just is!

So make like a disney sonnet and keep a little bit of you inside that never ever grows up.