1 Dress 3 Ways

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Being a girl in a barbie world takes grit…staying gorgeous can be a bitch sometimes and really I’d rather save for a trip overseas than cough up a stack of cash to keep up with the kardashians. Enter our sartiorial hero to save the day. Get yourself a classic black dress [This one cost me $30 from a vintage store] and there’s endless ways to make her work for the money – here’s 1 dress 3 ways!

1.Dress her down with customised kicks and a cool denim jacket – I DIY’d this one

2. Step up the attitude with a pair of killer vintage boots

3. Add some glitz and take her out on the town – I teamed her with my vintage glomesh purse and $5 thrifted faux fur.

 How do you make your LBD work for you?