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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

One thing that makes me deliriously happy is watching the trends and seeing how I can recreate them with op shop and thrift clothing. At the moment it seems to be all about latte layers, blush pinks and luscious neutrals. Lovely light fabrics that drape just so, are so now and chokers have remerged from the 90’s to make a huge comeback – ┬áthe neck is the new it girl!

To emulate, I found this fantastic silky short trench style coat and vintage v-neck with its own belt, which I promptly tied around my neck. Both from Salvos Stores for under $30, these are great trans seasonal pieces that I can mix and match, actually shock horror wearing the belt from whence it came should I tire of the choker (not likely)

The Chanel bag…well if it’s not real its an insanely good copy and for $5 will certainly see me through til the real thing comes a knockin

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Images by Anna Dufour