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Happy Little Vegemite

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

You are the Gold to my Coast.

The Vegemite to my Toast.

The Kanga to my Roo.

The BB to my Q.

The Wi to my Fi, The Sauce to my Pie.

The Harbour to my Bridge.

The Lamington in my Fridge.

The Holden to my Ute.

Australia you’re Beaut.

Today we celebrate our great nation and my wish is that we reflect on how we can be better to her.

Put your rubbish in the bin, say no to plastic, sit amongst nature, breathe and be grateful for all she bestows upon us.

Tread lightly and think heavily on how we can do more to protect our environment and it’s people.

Support community, slow down, Op Shop and love local artistry.

Delve into our incredible indigenous culture, swim in our abundant ocean and love our amazing animals




Happy Australia Day My lovelies…wearing thrifted Men’s shirt and burnt orange skirt from Salvos Stores


PS Isn’t the Opera House Incredible!

Images Bryan MardenĀ