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Dracula shoulder draping, ineffable chic, a certain je ne sais quoi. How do French women nail it so wonderfully every single time? Then there’s French editor chic – especially Vogue magazines Emmanuelle Alt…I mean, I can’t cope.

Slick slimline jeans, power shoulders for days, hair that hangs just so but what’s interesting is that a lot of her looks and french women at large for that matter contain the basics – the fashion fundamentals. So if you ask me it’s a super easy one to replicate and you can do it on the cheap with thrift shopping, leaving more money for champagne et fromage. Just le saying!

I took my gorgeous model Jessica to the Salvos and here’s what we found

White distressed skinny jeans $10

White worn in tee $5

[Tip: Keeping the base pieces to the same color creates a longer leaner silhouette]

Faux fur vest $25

Men’s military inspired blazer $30

[In the right cut mens jackets can look fabulous on ladies, being slightly bigger allows you to get that oh so french shoulder drape effect. Look for pieces with gold buttons – that adds to the expensive illusion]

Black stillettos $10

[I love a pointed toe to add subtle yet striking style]

Black oversized shades $5

Diamantee ring $5

Handbag $12