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From Hose to Haute

February 24th, 2015 | no comments

Eco Accessories




Sustainable style




While one must never discount the importance and dynamic appeal of a fireman [see also: totally hot], we forget the other unsung hero in this scenario…the hose! These guys serve a serious purpose, deployed in active duty for over 25 years…saving lives along with their human counterparts. They do so much but after they run out of steam, what happens? Sad to say they are discarded and sent to landfill…not much of a thank you really…that was until sustainable British accessory designers Elvis and Kresse came along. After a chance meeting, they fell in love with the story of the decommissioned British fire hoses and decided to do something stylish in their honor.

‘We dream of a time without landfill, when everything is recycled or composted. Between now and then we know there are far too many incredible materials that will either languish under ground or suffer the indignity of incineration; when that happens we lose, we lose quality, narrative, and the opportunity to do something great. So we intercede, choosing story laden materials of incredible character, and do everything we can to ensure their second life is as long as possible’.

Let’s talk about how cool this bag is, a great pop of color set amongst my vintage army and thrift finds, carring with it a wonderful style story of survival. Plus its totally waterproof, just wipes clean should you get it dirty and is lined with reclaimed parachute. 100% sustainable. I truly believe in finding beauty in the discarded and this item has certainly gone from hose to haute!

So far the designers have rescued over 200 tonnes of hose from landfill.

Fashion Hound hearts Elvis and Kresse

For Australian stockists click here 

Thanks to Arrnott Olssen from Rogue Homme for the pics x

Anthony Luciano

November 11th, 2014 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Hand made bags NYC

Fashion Hound

Chelsea NYC

Fashion Hound

Vintage handbags

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano

Anthony Luciano

Set high amongst the hustle and bustle of the New York City streets exists a hand made sanctuary where sentiment reigns supreme. Anthony Luciano’s studio is an accessories Aladdins Cave of stunning craftsmanship and never ending vintage nirvana.You can hear the tapping and tinkering of style in progress while timeless jazz keeps the beat. Beautiful bags beckon to you from every angle, whispering ‘Take me home honey‘. Cabinet draws are filled with hundreds of handbag handles and pre loved parts just waiting for their time to shine once more – their details and intricacies defy logic. Cameron Diaz and Meryl Streep couldn’t agree more.

Anthony has spent his life collecting these delicate design stories which he works into the prettiest of new pieces. Each offering contains a single penny for luck and every bag he creates with his own two hands. Anthonys design den is a lovely reflection of the man himself – thoughtful, elegant and ineffably chic.


Thank you to Jenee Naquin for photographing me and to Anthony of course for inviting me to play.

My outfit sourced from The Salvation Army and Housing Works Buy The Bag

#FashionHound in #HandbagHeaven

Love Story

July 20th, 2014 | no comments


Cheap and Chic

Love Story


Love Story

Love Story

Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone… but if you sniff around you can find gorgeous preloved designer for less.

I stumbled across Liz and her love story while she had a pop up shop in my Paddington hood. This lady knows her stuff, her great English Aunt even dressed the Queen in her corsetry from the store she owned opposite Harrods. Here in Australia her parents imported fabric and crafted high end handmade suits for the eastern suburbs set and celebrities.

Liz tried her hand at the corporate world but bright vintage suits and a red bob wig didn’t go down too well, so lucky for us she knew her home was fashion. Her brand Love Story is stacked with amazing preloved designer bags like the Versace and Moschino vintage babies in these pics as well as killer vintage clothing.

Check her out and bag yourself a discount designer deal.

#FashionHound #Reuse #Reinvent #Reduce your #FashionFootprint

Thanks to my dear friend Arrnott for the pics – love his website Rogue Homme

Hats off to you

May 12th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion HoundWell keep em on actually! Hats are haute – always have been always will be. Hats are a big part of my wardrobe, a wonderful way to walk in and make an entrance, also fantastic for SHD’s [Shitty hair days]. So to honor their commitment to the fashion cause I got arty farty and made you a collage. Vintage emporiums, charity stores, markets and thrift shops are a great place to start – they have a whole host of well priced hats and some really happening ones to boot. Hats off to you.

Deloris Petunia

September 26th, 2012 | no comments

Handmade style

The one of a kind clutch (ain’t that the truth!)

Ok seriously there is not enough space here on Fashion Hound to describe how insanely in love with this label I am. May I introduce the divine Dolorious Petunia. Created by a lady as equally divine – NYC Native Courtney Prince – the one of a kind cool and detailed decadence of these pieces just does my head in! Ingenius colour blending, baroque opulance, originality and couture craftmanship are like nothing I have seen. Custom made, hand died vintage crystals and each one gloriously unique – Glambulance alert!!! In a world of excessive consumerism, isn’t it wonderful to see such beauty made with heart and from the hand. When you have one of these works of art seriously who cares about the rest of your outfit.

Sublime style sorted, cooked and completely in the bag…cuff…and neckpiece!

(But to be honest I’m just in it for the Fashion Hound! Once you’ve finished drooling over the designs scroll down to see Courtney and CEO – Canine Executive Officer- at Doloris Petunia, Little Lolita


Paris Statement Necklace (That’s an understatement)


Custom Frienemy Cuff (Disclaimer: friends may fall away due to extreme fashion envy)


 Brazzaville (Makes me want to get my Mardi Gras on like yesterday, if not sooner)


Diamonds are a girls best friendship Cuff (See now this is happiness, I’m sorry it just is)


Neon Crystal – (Hello is that 911? I’m having a fashion heart attack)


Totes Amaze

September 6th, 2012 | no comments

Totes Amaze

So in love with TOTeM Salvaged!

This stunning accessories label uses vintage fabrics, textures, patterns and materials to create one of a kind totes, clutches, bags and beyond all with an apparent American Indian influence –  an aesthetic I totally live for! While a ‘take out a loan and don’t eat for a month’ designer bag may been seen by some as a status piece, I think these babies say way more beautiful and original things. They speak of character, care and a unique cool that is hard to compare

 Designer Stephanie Larrowe searches the earth for vintage treasures to build a sublime style story into each piece. Totes Amaze!

-Faye x

PS: Please note the gorgeous little Fashion Hound – Roo

Eco Fashion

Fashion Hound

Eco Fashion

TOTem Salvaged

Totem Salvaged

Breathe and Re boot

August 31st, 2012 | no comments


Boots are big this season baby (umm, did they ever go out!?) but that aside, boy are there some tasty options just ripe for the picking. Metallics, bold hardware, embellishment and everything in between. To be honest, my sartorial heart (likes to keep things simple) and lies with my vintage black suede beauties above. These bad boys cost me 20 quid and if I could sleep in them I would, in fact maybe I’ll try that out tonight! They are a sensible height, stylish, slick and they fit in with absolutely everything – dresses, skirts, jeans, cargos – these cats have got it all! The only thing left for me to do was add my Fashion Hound tail! (truth be told this photo was a fluke – I was actually holding a faux fur stole in between takes – but what a wonderful mistake it was!)

But I digress – should you want to go a little crazier this season – which I totally support P.S., I’ve picked out some wonderful wheels for you to test drive. Breathe, re boot and kick arse fashion kids!

Fashion Hound

A-Ze-bra bootBeyond Skin Vegan Ankle Boot (100% sustainable!) Kermit BootCharlotterusse Lace up Chunky Heel Bootie (lovely low price) I stole my boyfriends Boot: Zara studded toe ankle boot Red or dead red promise boots (Budget friendly!) Dark as the night boot: Zappos black suede boot (toe-ts affordable) No where near neutral bootJeffrey Campbell beige suede studded ankle boot Crazy as f**k (and could you actually walk) bootGiuseppi Zanotti studded crystal covered no heel bootie. Big investment buy this one. Puss in bootH&M leopard print flat boot (super cheap auto!) Bad ass BootSolestruckvintage upcycled boot. How bad ass are these kicks! Each pair is hand-crafted and upcycled from vintage cowboy boots, belts, fabrics, lace, and chains to create one-of-kind styles. Definitely crushing on these wicked wheels! (Eco Friendly and so hot I may have a heart attack!)

Happy boot scootin’

-Faye x

The Candy Man Can

August 30th, 2012 | no comments

Eco friendly handbags


Ok in terms of savvy and sustainable fashion these little clutches really take the style cake. Seriously how cool are they! All fromThe Ecoist a fantastic eco friendly company based in the US. The bags pictured are made of recycled candy and coco-cola wrappers and this is just a small selection. All our sweet friends are there – Dove, M&M’s, Twix, Dorito’s and more.. all being being developed into conscious little clutches, coin purses, totes and carry alls from post consumer waste. So far the Ecoist has saved 40 million wrappers from landfill.

The Ecoist

Alot of the wrappers are hand folded and sewn and create jobs for talented artisans in Peru and Mexico -you can see the process here.

Fashion Hound

Ecoist bags are super strong and water resistant. I love their pop art sensibility and think they are ‘#totes chi-eek to the next lev’! So unique, fun, 100% sustainable and all such a good price. Paired with style staples like denim, a white tee, a tailored tux and an arm full of jewels – this savvy little number will really speak. Only issue which one to buy!? I could eat them all!

Everytime a bag is sold the the Ecoist plants a tree. Via Trees for the Future the Ecoist has planted over 100,000 trees in places like Haiti, India, and Uganda.

 Sweet like chocolate!

-Faye x

Neon Love

June 12th, 2012 | no comments

Faye De Lanty

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound UK

Vintage brooch

Caramel and latte layers

Fashion Hound

So dig a fashion dichotomy. Two polar opposites placed together in style harmony, it’s haute no!? I’ve wanted a pair of bright yellow wheels for years now but have never really found a pair that wanted to make my feet their home. So I was super stoked to spy these gorgeous little guys in Aldo on the Oxford Circus High Street and for 20 quid to top it off. Neon is a big trend right now and I think it looks just delicious against the caramel and latte tones I have paired it with, it really lets the colour cry out. Add to that killer texture and layers like lace, faux fur, diamantees and a cheeky leopard print nail and it’s love as bright as neon.