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Let’s be honest…There is the perception amongst our wide brown fashion land that Op Shops, charity and second hand stores are for hairy arm-pitted hippies who are infact  practising the absence of personal style. For some the thought of even stepping into such a domain invokes a fashion shudder.  The times however my friends, they are a changing and for a few reasons its fair to say. A call to individuality, a call to an eco friendly cool and an even bigger call from mother nature for us to smarten the f*ck up. With vintage kings like William Banks-Blaney dipping his second hand designer shoe in the eco fashion deep end…charity shopping is looking seriously chic!

For Oxfam

Teaming up with global charity Oxfam, William is set to change the way people view and wear second hand fashion. Spending the last 6 months sniffing out and sourcing his pick from Oxfam stores and warehouses around the UK – get set for a gorgeousWilliam Vintage Oxfam edit available online in early 2013 There will be masterclass musings as well…oh my! Hey if it’s good enough for Miss Le Moss and Mr Hince!

-Faye x

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