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I’m getting my festive on kids! Meet one marvelous vintage tee in the signature holiday hue and cleverly displaying, might I add,a sensible reminder should the silly season turn you a little cray cray. Of course no Christmas nod would be complete without some serious (neck) tinsel to trim the fashion tree.

But in the grand tradition of infomercials….wait there’s more! Yep this is also a sneaky peek of the shiny things that will start to appear next week in the Fashion Hound 12 sustainable days of Xmas! I’ve teamed up with Reuze Vintage to showcase my edit of sustainable gift ideas for Xmas… all of which can be yours.

Second hand designer shoes and bags? You got it! Sparkly vintage brooches? Coming right up! One off preloved dresses? Indeed-a-lee-do! There’s buys for the boys too. Consider your stocking stuffed!

Standby x


Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

Vintage tee

Photo’s by my friend Darren aka Boy Moments slink over and check him out