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What’s new pussycat!

Faye De Lanty

I love myself a little bit of leopard print, especially when it lends a stylish helping hand to someone in need.

I picked up this perfect kitty knit in an Oxfam store for 3 quid and I have worn it so much – Check it out with a clashing cheongsam tuxedo jacket here. I think the trick with leopard print is to keep it to a splash and to shy away from the tight tarty species!

Worn well it can add a slinky spot of texture, clash with a contrasting print or make neutrals really pop. A big part of my aesthetic is guys gear for girls. I’m really into injecting a masculine element to what I wear – it’s totally sexy and subtly irreverent to me. Blending my leopard print knit with a boyish vintage bow tie… 

Now that’s the cats’ meow!


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