For me sometimes what really makes an outfit are the trimmings, that last little bit of icing to really finish the fashion cake! The white bow on the Tiffanys box so to speak, that adds something so eye catching it really makes a style statement. I pretty much fall in love with every Chanel show Karl does but the one that really got me was the PreFall 2011/2012 Paris-Bombay show. All that Insane Indian bling draped over every conceivable part of the pretty ones bodies – oh soo beyond! I’m falling even harder for these totally haute Chanel ear cuffs – ineffable!

Ear Cuff

A Few little tips

-Scour vintage and charity stores, shops, fairs and flea markets for your ear candy – you are sure to find lots of little earrings and for very little. Remember you don’t even have to have a pair. -Look especially for vintage clip-ons or the ones with little screw backs that you can literally screw onto your ear – genius! That way you don’t need to get 8 million painful piercings to create the look. I have a few piercings but the rest I added temporarily. -If the clip-ons hurt, glue on a little bit of felt or suede material to the back of the clip to cushion your lobes. -Think about the look of it and keep it tonal so it makes sense. For my ear jewels I went with pearls, silver and diamantees. But you could do a full gold look or even a colour, as long as it all marries well. Play around with your pieces to see what fits where.

‘Less is more. But more is never enough’. Make a statement, stack it up and be bold.

God Save the (style) Queen