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Fashion Hound

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Thrift shopping like its a sport

Fashion Hound

Tone and texture is a sartorial temptress for me – there’s something just so cool and seductive about it no! After my first serious snow experience last year in England I have been in love with stark whites and wonderful cream tones ever since. Sure red wine is instantly off the menu but vodka totally goes right! The thing I love most about this outfit is that, bar the 1960′s glomesh purse and vintage lucite Dior cuff [Which I totally forgot I had!] everything else I scored from thrift shops. The pretty peacoat was $10 and the Bonds mens mesh tee was $5 both from Vinnies. The jeans – Guess [Not a question, thats the brand]- were $19 from The Red Cross and the faux fur scarf I found for 10 quid in London. There is always an abundance of whites, creams, caramels and all their cousins in thrift shops so go in to your local and have a Fashion Hound around.

This kinda Frostbite won’t hurt a bit x