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Men's Calvin Klein shirt $10

Mens white shirt

Thrift Shopping

Cult Classics

Crisp, clean and pure as the driven snow, she has a passionate and dedicated fan base who just keep coming back for more. Decade after decade she continues her run as a box office fashion smash…Movie stars, cute suits, power broads, all kinds covet her…she is the wonderful white collared shirt. The white collared shirt is such a style staple for me and here’s the Fashion Hound take on this cult classic.

My top 5 tips on how to wear your white shirt

1. Firstly, you don’t need to spend a fortune – Scour the mens sections in thrift stores for sharp white shirt offerings – I found this [never been worn] Calvin Klein garment for $10 at My Salvos Stores. Men’s shirts just seems to have a cooler fit on us girls and if you have a larger bust you are less likely to get that annoying button peep show with a men’s shirt. You should wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.

2. For a relaxed vibe undo a few buttons and roll up the sleeves or do as the boys do and button up and add a bowtie – super cute and super sharp especially with heels and a skinny jean.

3. Find a good eco drycleaner and when you can get them professionally cleaned and steamed – they just sit so much better

4. Leave it hang loose with slick pants and layer a shorter jumper or knit over your white shirt for an interesting mix of length and texture

5. When your shirt is too old to wear – cut off the collar and cuffs and add brooches and bling to them…they become new feature pieces.

If all else fails steal your Mans, Dads…you know the drill

#FashionHound x

Denim and jewellery also sourced from Salvos Stores