Thrift Shopping

5 Thrift Shopping Tips

Second hand style

Hand up Fashion Hounds if you can guess where I sourced this entire outfit from? It looks super fancy right but absolutely everything minus my ‘love’ ring is from The Salvation Army. The jacket, the tee and all the luscious bling…it’s all thrift baby. Inspired by a mid 2000 Chanel look I saw in Vogue, I set about replicating it. The Zara jacket I found has that wonderful tweed vibe ever present with the iconic french label. I loved the soft worn in drapy tee I uncovered but to give it even more street tude I slashed her up a little with some scissors and a grater – I do love dichotomy. Now to the epic bling, the Chanel look had layers of gold accents which is just so charming set amongst cream and white tones. I hunted for a choker first then looked for longer pieces that I could layer to get that waterfall effect. The longest chain piece is actually a fantastic vintage belt which I looped around my neck above the choker and then let it hang. Then I topped it off with a bangle stack in the same color palate and hello amazing ring. The whole outfit cost me under $100 et Voila an inexpensive way to look dripping in it! You could totally do this too – want more tips? Well watch my video below dog  #FashionHound