Eco Fashion

10 Tips to Eco Style Your Life

Faye De Lanty

 Kermit was wrong!

Now, I don’t mean to insult an icon but au contraire my four legged friend. Follow these 10 simple tips and you’ll see it’s actually pretty easy being green.

1. Shop VINTAGETHRIFTCHARITY or SECOND HAND DESIGNER. Just because it ain’t new doesn’t mean it’s lost its chic people – in fact I think it’s even cooler and the best bit – it’s one of a kind! 2. Shop your own closet! Repurpose what you have and or get your DIY on – perhaps you could add feathers to an existing jacket, change the length, get it tailored, eco dye one of your pieces, rip and distress a pair of your jeans or shred a shirt. 3. Have a clothes swapping party – get a bunch of friends together, bring 10 pieces you no longer want, champagne, nibbles and make a night or day of it. Get everyone to hang up what they have then you can shop and swap. To add an even cooler dimension – why not ask everyone to bring a small entry fee and you could donate that money to a charity 4. If you want to buy new, look for on trend brands that have an eco conscious ethos – Stella Mc CartneyThe ReformationEdunWGACAMettle Fair TradeAlternative ApparelNifty Thrifty…I could go on! 5. Sell or donate what you don’t want. EbayEtsyThreadflipCopious or take to a goodwill and give it to someone less fortunate. Keep your closet rotating but do it with an eco consciousness and please donate things that can actually be used. 6. Wash your clothes less – do you really need to wash everything everyday? The washing process is very toxic on our environment – maybe you could just hang your jeans out in the sun to refresh after their first wear. Fashion food for thought huh. 7. Have a garage sale – got a tonne of stuff you don’t want – well someone else might – set up shop at your house and ship it out – it’s a great feeling to have a clean out. Tres therapeutic. 8. Rent the Runway – Couture without the cost! A genius idea to wear the looks without ownership or over spending. You can stay on trend but the pieces are recycled and the fashion love is shared. 9. Hit local vintage eventsflea markets and second hand destinations – a great way to source one off finds, support the local community and slow fashion movement. 10.  Love an online shopping fix? Well alot of the big sites have eco divisions now – Asos Green Room and H&M are going green par example. Can’t wait for more to get their sustainable style on.

Commissioning a Kermit rewrite as we speak 🙂

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