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November 28th, 2014 | 3 comments

The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army

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Eco Fashion fiend Not dissimilar to an onion fashion can be a layered and complex affair…filled with endless trend options and tear worthy price tags. It’s a rich tapestry! So over the years I have spent hours face down in my bible British Vogue uncracking the style code. Without a trust fund baby budget I’ve had to find ways to simplify what I see on the catwalks and make it work from the runway to the realway. I pay close attention to what the designers do and each individual brands aesthetic so I can replicate it. Because I have done my homework when I hit the thrift and vintage stores my eye is finely tuned to spot the look for less.

Valentino and Dolce Gabbana create the most unbelievable brocades, tapestry and embroidery so when I saw this coat at

The Salvation Army I knew it was a one of a kind find. Definitely of the same ilk just with a $25 price tag!

I also make collages that act as a great source of inspiration for me and the idea seems to sink in my osmosis so I can instinctively shop with skill. Try it kids and report back!

Jeans and boots also from The Salvation Army and my gorgeous Coach bag found at Woodbury Common for $300 less

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Images by Karolina

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  1. I LOVE that coat! Totally Fabulous!!!! I need it…is it for sale? Really I want to buy it. What a find. I love shopping thrift, I find the coolest tees to recreate my designs. There is nothing like finding that great piece that you get for a fraction of the cost. It’s like a treasure hunt! Happy hunting.

    • I’m sorry to say that said fabulous coat isn’t for sale she’s staying with me but I know what a find huh! I feel exactly the same about ‘the hunt’ it’s wonderful. I found mint condition Manolo Blahniks the other day for $25! Your tees are cool btw

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