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November 3rd, 2014 | 6 comments

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Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound

Apart from being one of my favorite words, dichotomy makes perfect sense when it comes to style. A division or contrast between two things that are opposed or entirely different, it’s a wonderful way to play, create eye popping texture and interest with your looks especially during fall/winter when layering reigns supreme. A self confessed shiny disease sufferer, I so love a sparkly piece but very rarely do I dress it up. I go the other way and give that lady a make under – it makes her beauty shine even brighter. Try sequins with ripped denim, dishevelled hair, heels and a textured scarf. Staying in the same color palette then adding a darker feature item like this black leather bomber creates divine distinction. Sequins look amazing with army fatiques and cargo pants too. Dichotomy is also one of my sneaky tricks to make second hand look expensive, all these pieces I’m wearing I sourced from The Salvation Army…that’s a dichotomy in itself or is it a contradiction? Who cares, it looks cool and for a whole lot less!

What do you like to mix up in your fashion palatte?

Thanks to my NYC compadre Karolina for playing in the freezing cold with me x


In Flight

July 24th, 2014 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

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Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

 Peter Pan penned it beautifully… for to have faith is to have wings…so while we are carving out our pathway, why not work them into your outfit as well.

 While I would gladly rock wings errrrday should life be a never never land, one must find a way to make things a little more fashion forward….so here’s my style shout out to the angelic community at large.

Enter thrift shop feathered finery, flying around with worn in vintage denim…the perfect dichotomy I do believe.

She be givin it street.

This is such a go to style trick for me, teaming the pretty with the plain, the luxe with the low key. Think sequins with army greens, leather with lace, faux fur with falling apart jeans. Seriously that’s happiness right there, I’m sorry it just is!

So make like a disney sonnet and keep a little bit of you inside that never ever grows up.

Like a Tiger

August 7th, 2013 | no comments

But still a fashion hound

Like a tiger


Style to save the planet

Like a Tiger, a great hat is one of my fierce fashion staples. This one is a real roar artist too – bright as orange and bold to boot, I’ll never get lost in this lady! She cost me 5 quid from a sale bin at Top Shop and oh how I love her so. Allowing me to keep the rest classic and comfy, a statement hat dresses up every ensemble and definitely makes me smile.

1 Dress 3 Ways

July 2nd, 2013 | no comments

First way 1 Dress 3 Ways Fashion Hound Eco styling Eco stylist

Being a girl in a barbie world takes grit…staying gorgeous can be a bitch sometimes and really I’d rather save for a trip overseas than cough up a stack of cash to keep up with the kardashians. Enter our sartiorial hero to save the day. Get yourself a classic black dress [This one cost me $30 from a vintage store] and there’s endless ways to make her work for the money – here’s 1 dress 3 ways!

1.Dress her down with customised kicks and a cool denim jacket – I DIY’d this one

2. Step up the attitude with a pair of killer vintage boots

3. Add some glitz and take her out on the town – I teamed her with my vintage glomesh purse and $5 thrifted faux fur.

 How do you make your LBD work for you?



May 8th, 2013 | no comments

WhitePure as the driven snow, the succulent hue of a mothers milk. It is color at its most complete and raw – the color of perfection, full brightness without absorption. Yet if we want to get technical [Ok lets do it!] White does not have any tone, it is the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum – a clean slate if you will people! White takes us out of the dark and delivers a fashion dose of purity, neutrality and innocence, a blank canvas waiting to be written upon. All this fancy vocab aside – it looks shit hot so wear it. Scour thrift stores for different white layers, textures,  tones and slap it on like its a sport.

White on the money

April 14th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Fashion Hound

White on the money

Faye De LantyAll white – let’s be honest, its a sh*t to keep looking spotless and it can rack up the dry cleaning bills but ain’t this hue just grand. Gloriously luminous, light, bright and beautifully chic. It was everywhere on the catwalks and the sidewalks at MBFWAand trends aside I think this ones a keeper. Here’s a few ways I make a little white work for the money during my week. Are you team white?

Clothes all my own reworked however H&M has a gorgeous white jacket in their current conscious collection. Collage courtesy of H&M.

Fashion week first aid

April 7th, 2013 | no comments

FashionHound Light the style torch and do a lap of honor, for the Fashion Olympics are upon us people aka MBFWA

Now while it is a super exciting time for a kid like me it can also be an epically exhausting race. Relentless air kissing, aching feet, an overdose of amazing clothes, it’s enough to give a girl a fashion stroke! But don’t worry I’ve got your airbrushed back. Follow the guidelines of my Fashion Week First Aid kit and you’ll get to the finish line effortlessly. Ok that’s kind of a lie but at least it will help!

Let’s talk clothes first!

Spotted -so loving this trend | Bomber jacket H&M conscious collection | Floral pants H&M conscious collection | White Jacket H&M Conscious collection | Army jacket H&M conscious collection | For bad hair try a Hat Rag and Bone | Red Wheels Aldo | Green shades vintage Playboy will hide the bad fashion bags | Black cats eye shades Vintage will do the same | Dork Tee Top Shop for a little fashion humor | Black Sleeves Dress Vintage Prada | Black Tea Dress Vintage | Red heart shades Etsy | Lucite Clutch Alice and Olivia can also find awesome ones here | Black pumps Saint Laurent | Red Dorothy Love via Christian Louboutin| Polka dot chucks Converse

Medical supplies: Panadol for fashion pains in the arses and also pains in the pedi region | A Glam-bulance and a stretcher for when you see hot fashion and have a heartattack | Bandaids for burning and blistered tootsies but ones with personality are always of preference, especially as smiles may not come easy past mid week! May the fashion force be with you and your nearest Glambulance on speed dial x

Brave Tart

March 24th, 2013 | no comments

Fashion Hound

Brave Tart

Queen Justine Vintage



Eco fashion

Love a bit of a garden party, especially when it involves a timeless vintage tartan moment. A slick, well cut blazer in a dynamic print, fabric or color will always serve you well and vintage/second hand stores have such sublime offerings – just take the time to scroll the racks and try them on for size. Dress it up with a sneaky pair of braces, a patent heel and you are good to go y’all, Braveheart styles. It’s the cats meow ;)

Props to my tribe member Arnie for another round of stella pics. Love to Queen Justine Vintage for always bringing the bad ass threads x